The Golden Gloss

The other day, I shared with you a bohemian smokey eye and nude lip pairing. Lately, I’ve been really into nude lips, as I’m on an epic hunt for my perfect My-Lips-But-Better shade and a nude that works really well for my skin tone, since, as you all know, I am pale as printer paper. I avoided lip glosses like the plague for a while, but after slowly becoming a lip product addict, I’ve fallen prey to their appeal. I realized though that I seem to have a think for nude glosses with golden shimmer, despite having more cool undertones in my skin. Gold really warms up my complexion, and with summer around the corner, I thought I’d share three that I’ve got.

T/B: MIilani, Dior, Smashbox

MIliani Brilliant Shine Lipgloss- 11 Nude Touch: This truly is a nude gloss because it adds no additional color to the lip, only fine specks of gold shimmer. But as seen on my swatched hand, it appears to be a warm, dusty pinky-peach. While quite sticky (a major no-no for windy days), this lipgloss is surprisingly moisturizing and long lasting. I went out to eat with my mom while wearing this and when I went to check how it was looking after chowing down on a massive sandwich, I was pleased to find that the shine and glimmer had not faded. Again, it’s fairly sticky, so in exchange I had bits of pesto stuck on my lip. It has a lovely cake scent to it (in other words it smells like vanilla) so even applying it is sweet.


Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss- Pearl 157:

Definitely the most expensive lipgloss I own, but it was given to me as a gift, and I have another one of these glosses from Dior in my collection as well. This gloss definitely adds color to the lip, and as you may be able to see on the swatch, it’s thick. It’s only fairly sticky though, no difficulty talking or anything. The glimmer in this one is also very fine and not as golden as the other too, but the pink in the color is still warm. I got a complement from my mom when I wore this earlier, it really makes the lips fuller and juicy. I’m not overly fond of the applicator, which is a brush, where as the Smashbox and MIilani ones are doe-foot applicators. Overall, lovely.


Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss– Illume:

I included this gloss in my Favorite Springtime Lip Products post and I’m continuing to love it. Compared to the other two, this nude is a lot more peach than pink, but it gives of an undeniably warm glow, even though it appears as if the shimmer is chunkier, this isn’t a problem once on the lips. This gloss is fairly moisturizing as well, and smells very vanilla-y like the MIlani one, which I don’t mind one bit. For a high-end lipgloss, you are getting your money’s worth since this shade is so versatile and long-lasting.


I really do love all of these lipglosses, but I seem to favor Illume slightly more… Oh well, no issue in having a favorite.

Have you tried any of these glosses?

What are some of your favorite lipglosses?

Any formulas worth knowing about?


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