A Sephora Haul

My father living in the USA means I have someone to stay with when I come to visit, and luckily, it also means I have a US shipping address. Shipping from the USA to Norway can get crazy expensive, so what I like to do is order products/books/clothes online and ship them to the US, and pick them up myself when I come to visit my dad, or he brings them when he visits me. ON Thursday evening I arrived in the US and on Friday morning I unboxed everything I had purchased online since January. It was like a second Christmas! I thought I would share with you beauty lovers the five products I purchased and have been dying to open! (I will do reviews on each of these, but feel free to request which one you would like for me to do first, since I have tried them all)

Too Face The Little Black Book of Bronzers

There is so much hype surrounding the Too Faced Cocoa Bronzer line, that as a newbie to the brand, I was clueless as to where I should start. Then I saw on their Instagram that they would be releasing a mini version of a booklet containing eight of their most-loved bronzers for a limited time. Eight Too-Faced  bronzers for just $49 USD??? SOLD. Lately, I’ve been using the Sun-Bunny blush/highlighter/bronzer, as well as the Chocolate Soleil, and wore the 16-Hour bronzer for my trip to New York City yesterday. Such a great bargain and convenient purchase. (P.S. they really DO smell like chocolate (*drools*))


Too Faced Sugar Pop Eyeshadow Palette (Spring 2015 collection)

I’ve been lusting over Too Faced eyeshadows for at least a year now. I’m dying to get my hands on the Natural and Budoir palettes, but the first one I sought after was the A la Mode palette, which to my sad discovery was also limited edition and is no longer sold in stores. So, when they launched two new eyeshadow palettes this spring, I snatched up the Sugar Pop palette before I let another limited edition palette slip through my fingers. This palette is not for everyone since it contains a whole lotta shimmer and color. Over the past few months I have been more of a matte and neutrals girl myself, but when I stare sadly at the beautiful barely-touched shimmer shades in my beloved Smashbox Full-Exposure Palette, I kick myself and say “Kaya, get your glitter on!” These shades are vibrant and super pigmented, and don’t worry you CAN work with these colors.


Tarte Tartelette 12-hr. Amazonian Clay Blush in Celebrate

Another let’s-see-what-the-hype’s-all-about purchase, but I’m so glad I did. This blush is a part of Tarte’s Spring Tartelette collection and I was dreaming of picking up their eyeshadow palette, but have put it off. I also considered buying the lipstick, but based off of reviews on Sephora.com, I put it off until I could test the formulation myself. A lovely nude pink that really suits my pale skin by warming up my complexion.


Dior Rosy Glow Healthy Glow Awakening Blush

I can’t count how many times I wandered into KICK’s over in Norway and swatched this glowing beauty on my hand in awe. and now it is FINALLY MINE! Why didn’t you buy in Norway Kaya? Well, It cost almost another 100NOK more to buy it in Norway than in the USA, and so far it has been worth every dime, though I think it’s particularly appreciate more in the Winter and Spring months.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush #12

I wanted an angled brow brush that was thinned and smaller in order to better help me fill in my sparse brows, not to mention the spooly on the end makes it great for traveling with!


Have you tried any of these products? What did you think of them?

Any other Sephora recommendations?


13 thoughts on “A Sephora Haul

    • bapalaya

      I say it’s worth it, because you get blusher-bronzers, matte bronzers, shimmer bronzers and ones with different tones so you have shades for warming up the face AND contouring. Plus, since Too Faced bronzers are known for being super pigmented, even these smaller quantities will last you a while 🙂 And, if you run out of one and truly miss it, you know which bronzer(s) you want to invest in with the full price! If you want I can do a full review and swatches so you can get a better idea of what you’d be buying into 🙂 xxx

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