Too Faced (Little) Black Book of Bronzers: Review and Swatches


This spring, Too Faced brought out their Black Book of Bronzers in a mini size, and I’m finding it sensational! I’ve heard so much praise for their bronzers and even after months of research on Sephora, ULTA, YouTube and other blogger reviews, I still couldn’t decide which one to settle on! They all just seemed so good! I snatched this bad boy up as soon as I could, and for just $49USD, it is finally in my clutches. Just to give you all a fare warning, I am very pale in complexion, as many of you have seen, so how these appear on my skintone, may not be exactly how these turn out for you. First off, the packaging is adorable, with gold foil circulating each pot, and plenty of other bright colors to contrast the matte black cover. Positively adorable. also notes that this entire product is cruelty-free, 3-free, and gluten-free

This limited edition mini bronzer wardrobe contains eight 0.08 oz pots of Too Face‘s most beloved bronzers:

Milk Chocolate Soleil is the lightest shade of the Matte Soleil chocolate bronzers. It claims to suit light to medium skintones, but on myself it looks rather orangey toned all on it’s own I had to fix it the other day with the Chocolate shade. As you can see from my swatch it is a matte bronzer, so it’s perfect for those bronzy looks where you don’t want to look shimmery. However, this is was my least favorite bronzer in the collection. Maybe if I were slightly darker it wouldn’t appear so orangey. It also appears in Too Face’s Cocoa Contour Chiseled to Perfection kit as the second lightest shade (aside from the highlight), so if you are really into contouring and have light-medium to dark skin, this might suit to brighten certain areas, it just doesn’t suit me. The one upside for me was the scent, because these Soleil Matte bronzers really do smell like chocolate.

Chocolate Soliel is the medium shade in the Soleil Matte bronzers range and is definitely the most wearable of the three for me. It is slightly more ashy toned so it suits me for contouring a little bit. It is quite pigmented but super blendable, much to my relief after piling it on. I would definitely repurchase this shade if I ran out of it. It’s matte finish makes it perfect for wear year-round, or if only for the intoxicating chocolate scent (*drools*).

Snow Bunny‘s description on claims it “mimics a natural back-from-vacation-glow”, and the equal amounts of blusher/highlighter and shimmery bronzer would really help to accentuate a beach-vacation glow. You can see from the swatch that it appears lighter than even the Milk Chocolate Soleil Matte bronzer, and slightly pinky. Snow Bunny is one of those products you would purchase in Duty Free on your way home from your vacation to ensure that you remained equal parts bronzed and glowing with some of the bad color. I even dusted a little on my cheeks and across the bridge of my nose, since that is where I would also catch the sun’s rays. It’s shimmer is eye catching but not overpowering, and even complemented my fair skin (I live in constant fear that glitter will make me look like some pedophile vampire out of Twilight).

Dark Chocolate Soliel is the darkest shade of the Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzers and could serve as a bronzer for medium to deep skintones, or as a contour shade for those light-medium faced folks who want a little more definition. It is the most pigmented blush of the three, not to mention the entire Book. At first I was quite intimidated by it’s color payoff, but I feel I can make it work if I fake tan. I’m relieved that it’s not shimmery since it’s pigmentation is already enough for me to try and work with.

Pink Leopard reminds me a bit of Snow Bunny because of the slight pink tinge. It’s a blush/bronzer duo, with two shades of shimmery bronzer and small doese of a bright pink plush (Sephora says it’s a peachy pink, but I strongly disagree). Personally, I think it’s a lovely color since the cool tones in the blush make it appear quite ashy- perfect for those of you out there, like myself, who prefer an ashy contour. I was also impressed with the “blendabilty” of this bronzer, since ashy tones have the ability to also make me look dead if packed on. I would also repurchase this bronzer if I ran out of it.

Beach Bunny, like Snow Bunny, consists of four different shimmer shades and is designed to give that “Just came back from two weeks on the beaches of Nice”. It’s a mix of a dark brown, a deep peach, a deep gold, and a golden tan, and the combination makes for a lighter, ashier version of Dark Chocolate, which I can appreciate. Another great contour shade for light skintones, though do remember that all four shades are shimmer.

Endless Summer is a long-lasting bronzer with a slight shimmer, which I agree with Too Faced on, ought to suit most skin tones. It’s quite warm, much darker than Chocolate Soliel, but lighter than Dark Chocolate, but is still a fairly neutral shade of bronzer. It supposedly lasts for 16 hours, but I haven’t really been up and about with it on long enough to test (so if you want I can report back!) I must admit, I was fond of the color and the subtle shimmer. I can appreciate some shimmer.

Sun Bunny was an absolute delight, just like the other “Bunny”s. I used it today, and it warmed up my face with such a lovely glow, I was gawking! Sephora is right in its description of it as a perfectly “tan-like bronzer”. This is another bronzer I would repurchase in the full size. What also sets this bronzer apart from the other seven is that it has a satin finish rather than being matte or shimmer, and so far, this seems to be my favorite of the eight.

L/R: Milk Chocolate Soleil, Chocolate Soleil, Snow Bunny, Dark Chocolate Soleil, Pink Leopard, Beach Bunny, Endless Summer, Sun Bunny

My Verdict? Worth it. For just 50 bucks you get eight pretty outstanding bronzers, with maybe the exception of the Milk Chocolate bronzer (It’s suit me more maybe when I have fake tan). They are quite pigmented, as you can see from the swatches, so they will last you a while, even in these small pots.

As far as repurchasing the full-sized, full-priced individual bronzers, I would repurchase three of the eight: Chocolate Soleil, Pink Leopard, and Sun Bunny, though so far I’m enjoying all of the bronzers aside from Milk Chocolate. With this palette, I can create a variety of looks with this assortment of bronzers, and as someone who loves playing around with makeup and trying tonnes of new products, this really is a great purchase. My favorite of the eight seems to be Sun Bunny.

Sun Bunny
Sun Bunny

I deem it worthy!

Would you purchase this product? Have you? If you haven’t but want to, buy it quick! It IS limited edition!

If you purchase this palette, I hope you are as satisfied as I am, if not more!

What is your favorite Too Faced bronzer?

Have you seen the rest of my recent Spehora Haul?

Any requests for posts or videos? Thanks to itssxmmy for the request! Hope this helped 🙂


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