Too Faced Sugar Pop Palett

I have heard exceptional praise for Too Face’s eyeshadows from their Natural Eyes palette to the Chocolate Bar, and when I hear my favorite bloggers hyping something up, naturally I want to join in too! Initially I wanted to start off my collection with the A la Mode palette, but I learned, sadly, that it had been a limited edition item as part of last summer’s collection. However, when Too Faced announced it would be releasing the Sugar Pop palette for their Spring 2015 collection for a limited time, I snatched this baby up and have fallen deeply in love with color and shimmer once again. This palette retails for $36USD at Sephora, ULTA, and Too Face’s website. That’s $4USD per eyeshadow, which for the quality is pretty exceptional. The hard metal tin case is sleek and colorful, and the logo and name are written in an adorable font.


Like all of the other Too Faced eyeshadow palettes (sans the Chocolate Bars), there are nine different eyeshadows, three highlight shades being larger than the others. As I said, this is a very colorful palette, and there are maybe three or four neutral colors throughout the entire palette. Let’s do a rundown of the shades:DSC00493

(from bottom corner, to the left, and up)

Blue Raspberry is one of the crazier shades in the palette. It’s far from neutral (it’s a bright teal) and has a lot of shimmer. I personally ahve taken a strong liking to it, and the color has been jazzing up my summer eye makeup.

Bubblegum is another out-there shade but I can see this shade being really fun to play around with. It’s a lot more fuchsia than bubblegum pink.

Peach Fuzz is quite similar to Rock Candy but is a bit more on the orange side. It’s a really lovely highlight that suits most skin tones. It could also be used on the lids to neutralize veins or other darkness.

Blackberry is far more neutral than any of the other shades. It’s also the only matte shadow in the palette. I paired it with Strawberry Ice when I first tried this palette out, and I really love it. I’ve looking around for a nice warm, deep brown-toned purple and this shade meets my criteria exactly!

Sugared Violet is another fairly wild color; it’s a shimmery indigo blue that would work nicely as a crease and outer-v color on an otherwise neutral smokey eye.

Strawberry Ice is perhaps my favorite shade in the palette and probably the one I was most eager to get my hands on. Purple colors work really well with my bright blue eyes, and this color made them look really bright and awake (despite my severe jet lag) when I applied it all over my lid. This is a lovely highlight shade. It’s also not as shimmery as the other shades. Strawberry Ice, Peach Fuzz, and Rock Candy are not 100% matter but have a minimal amount of shimmer to them, so they reflect some light very nicely.

Malted Milk Ball reminds me of Amber Lights by MAC and is perhaps one of the reasons why I love it. It is a warm bronzy-brown with plenty of gold shimmer and looks particularly stunning on blue eyes in the summer time. Love it.

Maccaron is a shimmery orange with yellow flecks of shimmer in it, and is pretty intense in pigmentation. It would look really lovely paired with the other shadows in its row or maybe even with a shade like Sugared Violet.

Rock Candy is an excellent yellow-toned highlight shade. It’s excellent for brightening the inner corners and highlighting the brow bone. It looks very similar to Peach Fuzz in the pan, but swatched they look very different.

Blue Raspberry, Bubblegum, Peach Fuzz, Blackberry, Sugared Violet, Strawberry Ice, Malted Milk Ball, Macaroon, Rock Candy
Lid and inner corner: Strawberry Ice Crease: Blackberry
Lid and inner corner: Strawberry Ice
Crease: Blackberry

DSC00500Too Faced really met my expectations in terms of pigmentation and butteryness. I am super impressed! These eyeshadows are super smooth and blendable and fun! I’d even say it’s worth it purely for Blue Raspberry, Blackberry, Strawberry Ice, and Malted Milk Ball. It’s quite different from most of their other palettes but I cannot wait to acquire more! If you’re looking for a really fun and bright but not neon palette, Sugar Pop is the one for you!

What are some of your favorite Too Faced eyeshadows?

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