Let’s Talk About Brows

As I’e grown older, it has become apparent to me how vital caring for one’s eyebrows is in the beauty world. THEY MATTER! They help to create your facial expressions and making sure that your brows stay in shape helps make your face (makeup or no,  look put together. Many people pluck, wax, and/or thread their eyebrows. Since mine are so sparse and my hairs are fairly light, I have to be very careful not to over-pluck my eyebrows. When I first began to pluck mine last summer, I wanted an experienced person to do, but my mother had no idea on how to do it, so I took the risk and did it myself.  “Kaya you did what? That’s right, I plucked and shaped my own brows and they have been just fine ever since. So how did I manage? I’ll tell you how. I let my eyebrows grow out for about three weeks while I was away in Asia, since I didn’t have time in t to go about my process of plucking and shaping my brows.  Here was the result after almost three weeks of no tweezers: DSC01979DSC01984

Super overgrown. Now, the first step for me is to fill in my brows like I normally would, in the shape I want. “But what about the other hairs?” They shouldn’t matter, what matters is that you have now defined what hairs are apart of your brow shape and which ones you want to stay. I usually fill mine in with powder and sometimes with a pencil first, then powder, and then set them in place with a clear brow gel. While they look fine, we can still see the hairs beneath my brow bone that shouldn’t be there.DSC01985This is when you bring in the tweezers: carefully pluck out the hairs and take your dear sweet time and keep your hand steady as your get closer to the bottom of your brow, and be especially careful as you near your arch. Some of the hairs that make it up may have their root outside of your brow, but would ruin your arch if they’re plucked out. if you’re not sure whether you should pluck one of these hairs or not, hold off on doing it. Better to have not-so-neat brows than over-plucked ones.
DSC01986Nice and neat!


When did you start taking care of your brows? Any tips for beginners?

Any mishaps?

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