Out with the Matte, in with the Dew: Maybelline Fit Me! Review

Today I thought I would do a review of the Maybelline Fit Me! skin line. I have been using the Dewy + Smooth foundations, the Fit Me! Concealer, and the translucent Matte + Poreless pressed powder. I used my Rimmel London Lasting Finish primer as a base for the foundation. I’m finding that they work really well together to achieve that fresh summer face! These products are also on the inexpensive side of the drugstore, so they’re great for experimenting with if you’re wary or new to foundation!

You can also see that I have some darkness under my eyes, a result of my extreme lack of sleep recently and my placid skin. I also have a ton of freckles on my face because of my day at the pool previously. Let’s see what these products will do.

I combined foundation colors 110 and 225(since I’m a tad darker now), and I am continuously impresses by how well the two colors blend together. There are no awkward patches where one color is more prominent than the other: this foundation blends like a dream. I would say that it provides a pretty light, lightweight coverage, but is not sweat or water resistant entirely. While I was in Hong Kong a good deal of it came off around my sunglass frames and the bridge of my nose because of the heat and humidity. However, on that particular day at the pool, I felt that my foundation stuck pretty well.DSC01979

The foundation also dulled the appearance of my freckles. While they can look cute, they also cause extreme discoloration for my skin, so it was great that the foundation covered them a bit as well as monopolized my complexion. The concealer (in 115) did a fairly decent job at covering my dark circles, though it did crease a bit even after applying the powder. The redness around my spots (especially my latest edition, the one right above my brow) was minimized noticeably, and I have found that this concealer is quite moisturizing, but has helped slightly to dry out some spots, making them smaller (well, if it makes them leave my face sooner). I have also been pleased by the fact that the concealer has not clung to any drier patches on my skin, since those sometimes have ruined the appearance of my foundation/concealer.

I’m finding the powder to be exceptional for a pressed powder. I was off-put by the first pressed powder I ever tried (which is one from Covergirl, but NO MORE!) since it caked up my makeup, especially around my forehead and made me look very powdery. However, this powder was a pleasant surprise! It sets my foundation and concealer quite well, though I think it’s the concealer’s fault that it has creased underneath my eyes a bit. I thought I might be contradicting myself when I bought a matte powder and dewy foundations, but I’m finding that they work really well. I have been using the powder to tame my t-zone, and I’m happy to say that this powder’s translucent “color” really is translucent, if only lightly dusted. On my Asia trip, there were plenty of mornings where i simply didn’t have time to apply foundation or a BB/CC cream, and instead, I took my trusty e.l.f. kabuki brush and buffed this powder in. With the dewy foundation, it is helping to control excess shine in my t-zone, but, as you can see from the picture, is still allowing my skin to look dewy.

DSC02000I think this foundation is so natural looking! I actually contemplated just going out with the foundation, concealer, powder, and my eyebrows filled in, but I was too excited about playing with my other products.

You can see the other products I used to create the final look here

What’s your favorite drugstore/highstreet foundation?

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