My birthday gift from NARS

Yes that’s right loves, I turned 18 years old on July 31st! It’s been a crazy year, my 17th, but I’m looking forward (soooo looking forward) to all the great and new things to come at me this year. Just before I left the US I popped into Sephora once again and filled my basket with some long-desired goodies (that’s for another post though), but at the checkout counter I reminded myself to inquire about something: Sephora’s birthday gift to their customer. In case you didn’t know, just by becoming a Spheora member you gain Beauty Insider status. When you become one, you can choose any day within your birth month when you would like to receive your gift from Sephora. Naturally, as a lip-product addice, this year’s present was perfect for me as they partnered with NARS, a brand I was dying to try this summer, to give each of us Beauty Insiders and beyond two NARS lip products: the Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella and the Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien (Each retails for $26 USD at Sephora):


I really like the formula of both pencils, and had high expectations to begin with since they were from THE NARS. So far though, I think I prefer Rikugien and its satin finish; it doesn’t make the lips look glossy but almost glowy, similar to the Rimmel‘s Sugar Plum, which is a perfect lipstick for Winter. I feel I’ll get a ton of wear out of Rikugien in the winter, since the formula seems very winter-appropriate and the color is a rose-pink My-Lips-But-Better shade. Cruella is also going to be very suitable for the winter and fall, since it’s a crimson-red. Cruella‘s formula is pretty comfortable for a matte. It only became drying after drinking and eating, but whilst eating, the color remained almost completely intact, only a smidge came off on the rim of my glass. It reminds me of my beloved Shiseido Nocturne but slightly darker and matte.


The formula of both these lip pencils is super creamy, which is probably the key reason for why Cruella’s matte formula is so pleasant on the lips. Sometimes I have to really build up a lipstick when there is no time to stand in front of the mirror and do so, and then sometimes you manage to make mistakes and go outside of the lines. But the fact that the product is in the form of a sharpen-able pencil really helps make sure you get the product precisely where you want it: use the sharper tip to outline, and the sides to color in. Another thing I love about these lip pencils is the packaging! They manage to look quite chic, and the stripe of color going across the bottom helps to differentiate between the colors. Make sure you have set the cap down almost as far as possible to make sure the product is sealed shut so it doesn’t dry out. Other than that, I must say I am very satisfied and thankful for my birthday gift, so thank you NARS and Sephora!

Don’t miss out and be sure to request your complimentary NARS lip pencils on any day within your birthday month at Spehora or online!

Have you tried any NARS lip products?

When’s your birthday and what are you wishing for? 

Have you seen my post on Revlon Lip Butters?

Have you seen my last Sephora haul?


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