Thank you for 100 Followers

So the other day I had a lovely surprise: I HIT 100 FOLLOWERS ON WORDPRESS!

I just want to say a huge thank you to all of you lovely people who have followed, liked, commented and overall made my experience on this blog so enticing, whether you’ve been with my blog since it’s start a few months ago or just discovered me now! I’ve loved every second of it! It’s brightened my day reading all of your lovely posts and interacting with you through the comments. This is the most supportive and positive social media environment I’ve ever logged onto, and it’s all thanks to you guys!

I’m thinking of doing a giveaway but I need to wait a bit (oh, finances), but if you have any suggestions as to what the giveaway should include, feel free to let me know!

Again, thank you all SOOOOOO much! I’m truly grateful for all your love and support and hope to continue bringing you quality blog posts ❤

Have you seen my post on Subtle Strobing? 

Or my post on summer lipsticks?


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