A little life update

I mentioned in a previous post that my reason for not posting so much the past week or two was that I was packing up my life to head to Sandefjord, Norway. It’s a mere two hours from Arendal, where I lived before, but I was moving for school, so not only did I have to wash clothes, pack my things, and learn how to pay bills, but I also am having an amazing time at my new school. It’s different from a university, but I can’t go into too much detail on that at the moment, as I don’t have the proper Norwegian letter keys to describe it.

But Kaya, what about your phone? You have a Norwegian keyboard on there, right?

Heheh… yeah, about that. Life lesson: Never put your phone in your back pocket because you will forget that it’s there and it will fall in the toilet when you go to take off your pants for a pee. Yeah, I’m fully aware that I’m an idiot. I’m hoping my phone will be intact for the most part, as I’ve been trying to dry it in a back of uncooked rice for three days now, but I honestly haven’t minded not being on it 24/7. I’ve met so many new and wonderful people, and I’m specializing in film here, so I’m super eager to see what new skills I learn, not to mention use to improve my blog. I’ve been working on some stuff but alas, without my precious vscocam app I am lacking a bit in photo-editing tools that I use to make my blog photography a little better. Fortunately a bunch of the product photos I took for swatches and reviews are already in good lighting, but I’ll still be very sad if I can’t recover a lot of the photos from my phone, not to mention the fact that I can’t exactly afford a new one right now. I’m crossing my fingers that this non-organic material object of mine will live.

Until then, i hope that the photos just taken by my camera will suffice, and I hope to upload more posts about my new life and some of my “weekly inspiration” here, since I love it when other bloggers share what has put them in their mood. What do you guys think?

Until my next post, I’ll be learning and eating and playing Cards Against Humanity (my new friend Kevin has it and we’ve been playing in a large group every night since Sunday. It’s great.). Peace~

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