Let’s talk texture: Metallics (wishlist)

I’ve grown to love statement fashion pieces over the past three years or so, and after purchasing a pair of black velvet shorts from Bik Bok, I’ve grown to appreciate the addition of texture in an otherwise basic outfit. I’ve learned that what really makes an outfit are the details, such as texture. Today I want to talk about a particular texture that’s had a hold on my heart as of late: metallic texture.

Cat Shorts – Bik Bok 299,- NOK

bikbok cat shorts

Glam is in this Fall season, and I am one who loves to strike a balance between casual/comfy and “high fashion”. I was first struck by this metallic-reflection trend-obsession when is spotted these copper (“pink”) shorts in Bik Bok. I was walking through Amfi Arena back in Arendal when I thought to myself, “Kaya, you haven’t bought an outside-of-your-comfort-zone/daring piece in quite a while now!”, and lo-and-behold, my eyes wandered to these shorts on display. It was love at first sight. I tried them on immediately and knew that once they were mine they would be my go-to for every party I would attend this fall. They are smart, but casual and cool, but also super festive, and the warm tones in the copper screamed autumn to me. I see myself wearing them with a plain black sweater and a dustier cardigan for daytime wear or dressing them up with a nice blouse and smart looking blazer.

Metallic Loafers – Zara £29.99

zara metallic loafers with studs

I’ve started to search for smarter flat shoes, and I’m finding myself liking loafers more and more. This pair from Zara caught my eye because the metallic bit takes over the entire shoe instead of just metal hardware/detailing (which I also love). I’m one who loves versatile statement shoes (if that even make any sense) and these bronze-gold loafers are singing my name. They would be perfect paired with an all neutral outfit to jazz it up, yet hold to the color scheme. Not to mention that loafers are comfy as eff. Perfect for when the temperatures drop and your tootsies nearly fall off from the cold.

ASOS Mini Skirt in Leather Look in Metallic Rose – ASOS £30.00


This skirt I love for similar reasons to the Bik Bok shorts but hey, it’s rose gold. Not gonna lie, I squealed with delight when I spotted this in the new-in section on ASOS. I’ve been wanting to add another (faux) leather skirt to my closet since I adore the black faux leather one I have from Gina Tricot, and I feel like this is fate, this skirt and I. Good on you ASOS, good on you.

Small Leather Tech Wallet – Accessorize $43.00 USD

I already own several metallic accessories not to mention jewelry, but I thought this bronze un-structured clutch from Accessorize fit the agenda. It’s not so bold that I can only use it on special conditions, and the fact that it’s color is a bit darker makes it a little easier to work with and I can use it in other seasons. Plus, plenty of space to carry my stuff and a handy snap-clasp? Yes, please.

What do you think about the metallics trend?

What trends are you liking in this fall season?

Have you seen my post on auburn hair in autumn?

Have you seen my review of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette?


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