Two budget highlighting gems you need

If it’s one makeup item I’ve grown to love recently, it’s highlighters. I don’t care that fall is approaching and the sun is setting on the year, if anything that’s a reason to try and brighten things up. I am finding highlighters to be my favorite way to do this, next to cozy candles, campfires, and fairly lights of course. And while I have Becca X Jacklyn Hill’s Champagne Pop pressed powder highlighter waiting for me back home, I know not all of us have the budget to splurge on a face-primping product, so today I though I would share two drugstore highlighters that I find to be a real steal, and I think you will two!

Introducing the Wet n Wild Fergie To Reflect Shimmer Palette in Rosé Champagne Glow and e.l.f. Golden Bronzer:


Rosé Champagne Glow first appeared as a blush to me in stores. Its marble swirl reminded me of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes (I can never seem to shut up about my desire for those bad boys, now can I?), but I was still delighted when I realized with was a gorgeous, subtle pinky-champagne highlight for my ridiculously pale skin. This highlight, while pigmented is not outrageous, not to mention that the natural tone of this color also makes it perfect for everyday use. Beware though, this highlight does have some glitter in it, but not chunks so you can easily work with it. I was so excited when I first swatched this highlighter. I fell in love instantaneously when I saw how it make the high points of my face (also looking at it makes me think of a lovely glass of rosé…)


I became interested in the e.l.f. Golden Bronzer after reading Essie Button’s post declaring it a dupe for Dior’s Amber Diamond highlighter. I was making an online e.l.f. purchase months ago and decided that for $3, why not? I haven’t tested Amber Diamond but any product that can make me seem high-end is worth investing in. I don’t really use this as a bronzer like it says, but as a highlighter. The brilliant thing about this product is the division of the different colors. There are four shades, a gold(bottom left corner), a warm brown(top left corner), a red-brown(top right corner), and an ashier brown(bottom right corner). These shades can be used separately or combined to create a warm highlight that suits you. I tend to use the gold on its own, or combine it with the warm brown shade, and sometimes I swirl them all together for a balanced highlight shade. This product is super pigmented, so do be careful as it can sometimes get a little chunky, so I wouldn’t recommend using your fingers to apply it. You will also end up picking up a ton of product when using your finger. However, there is no glitter in this highlight. It simply provide a warm glow, perfect for helping to elongate your summer tan!DSC02534

Really, I just enjoy glowy skin, and while I know the true glow comes from within, a little highlighter never hurt no one.

Until next time X

Do you have a drugstore highlighter that you love? What’s your favorite highlighter?

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