A Little Out of It

I have been feeling super groggy this week, and I think it’s because the plague seems to be sweeping around my school (when you live with your classmates, you’re bound to be stricken eventually). This means that I’ve been keeping things super relaxed, but my tired state has been unleashing my inner grunge. I’ve been keeping my makeup pretty minimal, but opting for a bolder lip to spice things up (as if my greasy unbrushed hair hasn’t been alluring enough).inspoweek372015 sheerling

I am currently back in Arendal for a weekend visit and will head back tomorrow morning and hopefully won’t be baking in the sun for four hours waiting for the bus to come (hey, at least I got a lot of reading done). This visit has been really quaint and I’m looking forward to catching up with some friends tomorrow before I go back to Sandefjord, but more on that in next week’s update 😉

In the meantime: SHEARLING. I adore it. As a person who lives in Norway, where it “snows nine months of the year, and hails the other three,” weather-practicality is a must when it comes to choosing one’s wardrobe. I don’t need to hear any more complaints from my mother about how warmly I’m dressing, and I feel like even just a  pop of shearling on the collar is enough to keep me toasty. Dreaming of all three of these jackets being in my closet right now (*insert 5,000,000 heart-eye emojis here*).
What’s your favorite jacket for Fall?


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