Crisp and classy


I have been enjoying dressing a little more finely lately now that I’m over my cold. By finely, I mean button-downs with fancy lil’ collars and strutting around town in my trench coat and sunglasses. However, now that it’s almost October I’ve got the next stage in my life to be thinking about: Halloween. My school has declared that there will be a Halloween contest for the students this year, and a prize goes to scariest look. I’ve been cooking up some ideas, and I think I’m coming close to a pretty good one. Since I don’t have many costume options available, it’s gonna be all about the face and makeup for effects. I’m back in Arendal again now for my Fall break, and it’s strange being back and having a lot of my friends not back here on break now. Not to mention that my grandparents have officially moved out of the building and everything I’ve had in Norway seems to have gone topsy-turvy (melodramatic much?). Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to sorting through some stuff in my old room and spending plenty of quality time with my family and friends who are still here. Crazy to believe it’s less than three months til Christmas, eh?

How’s your Fall going?

Any Halloween ideas?

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