BareMinerals Original Loose Powder Foundation review

In my Spetember favorites, I mentioned my BareMinerals Original Formula Loose Powder Foundation as my go-to foundation last month, and today I want to elaborate on why it’s so great. I was recommended to use this foundation over a liquid this spring when the lady at my local KICKS said it would suit my skin better. This might be an important detail in my evaluation of it: I have very fair, normal-to-combination skin. I bought a deluxe sample size of this foundation several months ago, and thought it would be great to use for traveling, and it is. Despite this being a loose powder foundation, I have never found this messy or a hassle to use, even when applying it on the go. There is a seal that keeps the powder from going everywhere while in transit, and the little holes make it so too much product doesn’t come out. I also use the lid for pouring some of the powder out onto. To apply it, I simply pour a small amount into the lid and use a kabuki brush (though any dense flat-top brush works too).DSC02660

I buff the product into my skin after having applied my correcting under-eye concealer, and even take some product up to my under eyes.



This foundation has a natural, matte finish and is build-able, though I wouldn’t say it is capable of providing full coverage. It can be used for light to medium coverage. As I said before, my skin is usually pretty clear as it is normal-to-combination, but some areas are oilier than others, and drier in others, not to mention the fact that my skin is drying out a bit more now that it’s getting colder out. I have also been sick recently and was blowing my nose a lot, so the skin around my nose has become very dry, and a bit flaky. Recently, the foundation has accentuated these areas by the end of the day. I wouldn’t recommend this foundation to someone with dry skin.

I applied my brightening and blemish-concealing concealer over this foundation and then set those with a translucent setting powder.

I am not the best with protecting my face from sun damage, and from the pre-foundation image, you can see that I have a number of freckles and naturally some unevenness in my skin tone, but this foundation does a pretty nice job of minimizing their appearance, not to mention the fact that it has an SPF factor of 15, though in order to maximize protection, wear SPF underneath.

This foundation has made me want to try more powder foundations, loose and pressed. I would definitely like to purchase the full-sized product in the future! This foundation has made me an even bigger fan of BareMinerals.

Have you tried this foundation before? Have you ever tried a powder foundation?

What’s your favorite product from BareMinerals?

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