Temple of Heaven and Arriving in Tokyo: Beijing Photo Diary Day 4

I know it’s been months since I posted the rest of my Asia trip this summer, but I really wanted to share the rest of my adventure, and today I’m sharing my last day in Beijing and late arrival in Tokyo! We finally visited Tiananmen Square this day and man was it something. The square had so few people in contrast to it’s capacity in order to keep any potential…erm… incidents from breaking out. It is supposedly the largest public plaza in the world! DSC01271DSC01272

Right across from the National Museum!DSC01277DSC01282Chairman Mao’s memorial

We then decided to visit the Temple of Heaven, and on the way we saw tonnes of bicycles lined up along a subway entrance. We saw so many while in Beijing but this picture is a pretty great way to emphasize the idea 😉DSC01300

Even though we had to pay an admittance fee to get into the park and temple grounds, it seemed that a lot of the crowds (mainly elderly) were frequent if not daily visitors!DSC01301DSC01311

People were practicing dancing, Tai Chi, and swordplay!DSC01314DSC01316DSC01318Finally! The Temple of Heaven! It’s colors are so beautiful! And the detail on the stone rails was incredible.

Speaking of selfies, I finally got the chance to take selfies with some of the people who wanted to take selfies with me! Two of the super nice girls even gave me a Korean cracker snack as a present which was soooooo super generous of them!DSC01349DSC01373DSC01375After exploring the beautiful temple grounds and taking some selfies with my ever-growing Chinese “fan club”, we packed our bags and headed tot he Beijing airport, which is perhaps the largest and most impressive airport I’ve EVER been in! Just look at it:DSC01379

We arrived in Tokyo rather late and it took ages for us to find our hotel! I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but we never would have found it if it hadn’t been for my Japanese, phew! After admiring the giant Godzilla on the side of our building, The Hotel Gracery Shinjuku, we went for dinner. We found a simple sushi bar right across from the hotel called Hibari. The staff were super friendly and welcoming and we had some amazing sushi! The restaurant was running a deal: 1 plate of sushi (anywhere from 1 to 3 pieces) for just 100 Yen!!! We ate to our hearts’ content and then hit the hay.
But not before admiring the beautiful metropolis bustling beneath our hotel room! I was a bit worried when my dad first told me our hotel was in Shinjuku-ku (as it’s known for being the clubbing, sex, and bar scene- which was in full-swing when we arrived. ON A THURSDAY). The look on my dad’s face as our taxi rolled into Kabuki-chou with all of the the scene members milling about was priceless hahahaDSC01382

But he and I fell in love with the area and its character. And how can you not love a view like that?

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