10 Things I’ve Learned About Beauty

I love learning, and although it’s often through grueling personal experience, I love learning things through life. One of the areas in life I’ve picked up some “wisdom” in is beauty, and today I thought I would share some of the things I’ve learned in order to spread the knowledge! Can never have to much beauty in the world, right?

  1. Gently push back your cuticles when doing your nails- it honestly makes them look 15xs neater.
  2. Pluck your brows in bad lighting- sounds like fake advice but it helps you see where the hairs actually are, thus easier to tell which ones to pluck.
  3. Salacylic acid in any product is helping to combat acne while wearing it- don’t fret!i Β It’s always a very moderated amount.
  4. Oils moisturize the skin like no other!
  5. If you’re having trouble getting a desirable amount of product onto your lashes from your mascara, try carefully running the tip of the wand through your lashes and then combing through them.
  6. It’s okay if your foundation is a bit darker than your face usually is, just blend it down your neck reasonably.
  7. Lipliners aren’t just for the Kylie Jenner look, that is to say that using one is not universally taboo no matter the intended use.
  8. The inventor of the doe-foot applicator deserves a Noble Prize. (an opinion, butΒ oh well)
  9. Successfully filling in your brows can instantly boost your look.
  10. Put off doing your makeup for as long as possible after having woken up and/or massage your face gently so your face can morph back to its usual state. Our faces can become squished and/or puffy while sleeping and it can ruin the hard work you’ve put into your makeup.

And there’s plenty more where those came from, trust me. What’s one bit of beauty advice you like to share?

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26 thoughts on “10 Things I’ve Learned About Beauty

  1. kaybe610

    Great post… but what is a doe-foot applicator ??? Don’t know what you mean with that… and if the inventor deserves a Noble-prize it sounds like a device I really want to know πŸ™‚ Love, Kathleen

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