October Favorites

I made some brilliant rediscoveries of old products and items in my makeup collection and wardrobe as well as tested out some new products.


So, today I’m here with another monthly favorites roundup of what I’ve been loving this month:

Heroine Make Volume and Curl Mascara


I did an entire review on this mascara the other day, which you can read about here. Long story short, I was reacquainted with this mascara and fell in love with it all over again. As the daylight hours are shortening and temperature’s dropping, I’m feeling more and more tired and it shows, so I was over the moon when this mascara worked its magic on me.

MAC Amber Lights

I also did a post featuring this shadow, but man do I adore it. It’s super buttery and pigmented and the color really makes my blue eyes stand out. It’s a perfect copper color for Fall and is super versatile, so I’ve been able to use it with lots of different looks.


Body Shop Honey Bronzer

This is one of my favorite bronzers I’ve ever used, and because it’s matte and my shade is rather light, it’s perfect for Fall since shimmery bronzer isn’t as appropriate and my summer skin is fading to its even pastier state. This bronzer is super blendable and complimentary to my skin this time of year, as it will continue to be as the winter months draw closer.

Thailand and Etched triple-loop ring

If you’ve been keeping up with my posts, you’ll know that rings are my thing right now, and I’ve been wearing two in particular almost non-stop all month. The first is genuine metal, and is from Thailand, handed down to me by my mom since it doesn’t fit her fingers anymore. Because of the blending of the gold and silver I find it super versatile to wear, and the three gem stones which represent the Thai flag are colors that also work for Norway and the US. The triple-looped etched ring has no real gold on it whatsoever, but it’s still rather simple, and I like the textured look it has. I bought it at the start of the month at Gina Tricot, and I’m sure it’s still available in stores!

Tony Moly Goat Milk Foaming Cleanser

I can’t wait to try more products from this range because of how much I love this cleanser. When I find a Tony Moly counter again, this is the first product going into my basket. This cleanser is super refreshing and has broken down my makeup superbly! I also need just the smallest amount, which is a relief because sadly, I only have a deluxe sample…

Tony Moly So Cool Eye Stick

If you’ve read my post on 5 of the Asian beauty products I was on the hunt for this summer, you’ll know this was one of them. I love this product for several reasons: 1) The packaging. Looking at this adorable panda casing every morning puts a silly grin on my face but oh well 2) The product itself is super cooling and refreshing to my under-eyes, helping to wake me up in the morning 3) The applicator and swiping motion help to get blood and other fluids under and in the skin flowing so my eyes can de-puff back to their natural state much faster

Maybelline Pure BB Cream

This was the first skin product I used, and I still love it. It provides a subtle amount of coverage, but enough to make my skin still look very natural and for my freckles to still show. I’ve been really lazy with my makeup this month, and BB creams have been an absolute savior, especially this one. I had some spot issues earlier this month, and the salacylic acid in it has helped to combat it quite a bit. Love this stuff.

Garnier Damage Eraser Reconstructing Butter

Damage Eraser Reconstructing Butter

My hair goes through bouts of fab and flop. After having forgotten this product back in Arendal, I replenished my hair with this when I reunited with it at the start of the month and, man, was my hair grateful for it. I’m trying to use this treatment once a week just to keep my hair replenished. Considering Garnier has never been my favorite hair-care brand, I am really impressed, especially since it’s only $6.

Vintage Crocodile Purse


I hauled this home from my Fall break in Arendal whilst cleaning out my grandmother’s closet. I love the design of it, and something about it being an actual vintage item within my family makes it feel all the more special. It fits a decent amount of my junk and the lock is pretty convenient. It may not be in tip-top shape but I adore it, and it’s been getting tonnes of compliments. It’s definitely become a staple in my wardrobe.

What have you been loving this month?

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