The Fall Nail Polish Lineup

I have been collecting nail polishes since I was 10 years old, so my collection is pretty vast, even after all of the cleaning out I’ve done. One of my favorite times of year for nail polish is (shocker) Fall. I get to break out a variety of colors and tones with a hint of the Fall atmosphere and use them to amp up my seasonal look.DSC02835

Today I thought I’d share with you the polishes from my collection that I have been, am, and will be rocking this season. Let’s meet the members of this lineup:

L’Oreal Blake’s Purple Red

My little brother bought this with all the money he could spare for my birthday present this year, and I damn well intend on making sure his money doesn’t go to waste, and I have been. It touched me that I thought to buy me a shade like this, because while I probably would have overlooked it while shopping myself, it’s a color I think is beautiful! I was so excited to try this deep plumb-wine shade when I got it that I tested it out in August. It’s a much darker polish for the Fall that I know will transition into the Winter months really well. Not to mention the bottle is so chic and tiny, I love it!

NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamel in 144 Wine Bar

I stuffed this in my basket on my last day in the States this summer and I can safley say, in hyperbole, that it was one of the best decissions I ever made. Wine bar is the ultimate berry nail varnish. It can built up so two coats leaves it rather raspberry toned, but three and four coats will make it super deep, more on the purple side. If I could only wear one nail color all season, it just might be this one.

Sinful Colors Secret Admirer

I have come to associate The Hunger Games with Fall, because three of the four movies in the series have/are premiering in November. What does this have to do with this polish, you ask? Not only are the colder months perfect for metallics and duochromes, but the charcoal gray makes me think of District 12 and of the Mockingjay, there I said it! I have one duochrome in the lineup here, but this one is rather grainy, so the finish is metallic, yet also a bit sparkly.

China Glaze Secret Peri-wink-le

I bought this polish on a sheer whim, since I realized I didn’t have many muted Fall shades. This one reminds me of Bikini So Teeny by Essie, but darker. It’s a muted sky blue, and I put off wearing it for a while, but once I gave it a shot I was surprised by how much I liked it. This is a great shade to transition from Summer to Fall with!

China Glaze Awakening

This polish truly makes me think of a sunrise, as it looks quite plumy-pink but when it hits the light there is a gorgeous rose-gold sheen that catches. This polish caught my eye ages ago and I am so glad I made it an addition to my nail polish collection. It also makes me think a bit of a Thanksgiving dinner? Like cranberries and biscuits? Anyone?

O.P.I. Purple With a Purpose

My mom bought this in duty free for me a year ago and I wasn’t expecting to like it, since it wasn’t really a color I would have been wearing back then. Now, it is one of my favorite polishes to adore my collection. It’s a cool-toned purple, very different from most of this lineup. A witch’s purple, is how I’d describe it. I’ve only just popped it on now after Halloween, but if it had matched my costume I so totally could have rocked it.

What are your go-t0 nail polishes for Fall?

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