My Retro Lip Combo

I feel I tend to be pretty behind when it comes to following trends because many of them just don’t appeal to me at first glance. A great example: lip liners and the 90s lip. I felt they were all too Kylie Jenner-esque and I have seen some people sporting the look in a way that is a bit too much for my personal taste. But that’s the thing about trends, you can always tweak them to suit your personal style. Today I want to share with you two lip products I’ve been combining to create my own 90s-inspired lip color.


Sonia Kashuk is an underrated drugstore gem. She does amazing products, and while they’re on the pricier side of the drugstore, I and many others have enjoyed the products she’s come out with. My personal favorite is her Natural Lip Liner in M38. M38 is a rosy-pink that on its own is a beautiful My-Lips-But-Better shade and was a favorite of mine this spring while I was working as a waitress and as a PR for a restaurant. I didn’t feel that a bolder lip color was as appropriate, but I wanted something that still made my lips look natural and defined. This formula feels a bit dry when swatched (*read: not Urban Decay creamy*) but applies smoothly and über pigmented onto the lips and lasts for ages.



I could most certainly leave my lips at that, but I was curious to try a shinier finish and reached for Estée Lauder‘s Pure Color gloss in Rose Emotion, which is more of a peachy-nude shade that is complimenting on its own as well. I found though, that when over M38, the two colors appeared almost identical and blended. I think these two together look very natural and beautiful, and really tie into the whole 90s-throwback that’s been hanging around for the last year or so.

Do you like the 90s lip trend?

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19 thoughts on “My Retro Lip Combo

  1. lipsticklovely

    This is my absolute favorite lip color! Such a awesome combo of products -they’re so gorgeous! I have never tried any Sonia Kashuk products… that has to change now! Lol next time I’m in Target, I’ll have to pick up her lip liner!! xo

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