Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express mascara review

This review is so long overdue that my tube that I used for these blog photos has actually expired now! Let me tell ya, I miss it! I was highly skeptical of The Rocket‘s wand, given that the wand is rather fat, and has very short plastic bristles. Not to mention that I hated applying it at first, it poked me in the eye several times and irritated my waterline. Still, it gave amazing results.DSC02764

It may honestly not look like much, but it held its curl and lengthened my lashes, all while volumizing my lashes at the root, as you can see, instead of clumping them up. I also prefer more of a lengthening mascara to begin with, since my eyes can be very intense, especially with black mascara (I prefer using brown but it’s not as widely sold in Norway, unfortunately).


I had a bit more of an issue removing this mascara compared to my Heroine Make Volume and Curl Waterproof, but it was still easier to remove than the waterproof formula of the Max Factor Masterpiece. And despite the short and stubby bristles, I found this mascara surprisingly easy to apply to my bottom lashes as well.

So all in all, how was this mascara? Well I loved everything, the formula the finish, except for the wand. I despised the wand. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s the wand that makes the mascara… So I don’t know how great the results would be if Maybelline changed the wand shape or length/style of bristles. And is it just me or did anyone else find the packaging to be unnecessarily bulky? Like I know it’s supposed to look sleep like a bullet/rocket, but it was just too chunky and took up too much space in my makeup drawer… This mascara still found its way into one of my monthly favorites a while ago, and it is the holy grail drugstore (and overall) mascara of my mom and some of my favorite beauty vloggers and bloggers. But I do earnestly miss being able to reach for it, and I think I may try and pick up another one at some point.

Did you find this review helpful? Have you tried The Rocket

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