December Favorites

In contrast to November, I have a ton of favorites to tell you about from the month of December. December was a month of travel for me, so naturally I was a bit more confined to the products I could use throughout the month, especially since I was sick for one half of the month (read: no makeup was worn) and the other half was spent back in Arendal or in the US. Now mind you, I also managed to retrieve some new products from my time in New Jersey, some that I found whilst there, some that I had ordered months ago (at long last!), and some as Christmas gifts. Shall we get started?


Covergirl Super Sizer Mascara (waterproof) Star Wars Edition

Not many mascaras have been pleasing me as of late, and I won’t lie, I bought this purely for the Star Wars-themed packaging (It says “Do. Or do not. There is no ‘try’.” on the other side!!!). But I was so blown away by the lift, volume, and length it provided my lashes with. I’ve been wary of volumizing mascaras what with my scars left from the Maybelline Lash Sensational Fiasco this summer *shudders*. But this one has made me love bold lashes again. I really want to do a full review of this mascara, especially since it’s so inexpensive and is a part of Covergirl‘s permanent collection, just not the badass packaging…

Maybelline 24 Hr. Color Tattoo Leather in Creamy Beige

My mom recently picked up MAC‘s Paint Pot in Painterly and when I rediscovered the Color Tattoos at the drugstore, I knew I had to give this one a shot. It’s the perfect light brown for my lids, and while I don’t think it’s nearly as creamy as the e.l.f. Smudge Pots, it’s still been a must-have in my makeup bag in December.

MAC Studio eyeshadow in Blanc Type

I left my Smashbox Full Exposure palette at school in Norway, and if you keep up with me, you know it’s my go-to palette for neutral shades, especially my beloved M4 and S4. I picked up Blanc Type along with Phloof! (frost), and while they’re not exact dupes of M4 and S4, they’re darn close. Blanc Type has a matte finish and it’s been perfect for just about everywhere on my eye, be it all over the lid, as a brow highlight, or in my inner corners.

Too Faced Love Flush Blush in Love Hangover

I received this mini in a giftset for Christmas and while Love Hangover has a pretty peachy-coral color it doesn’t seem very… winter-y. But I digress. Love Hangover has given my tired, sick face life. When I was flying back from the States, there was possibility I was going to venture into the city of Amsterdam for a few hours during my layover there. While that trip sadly didn’t happen, I wore this blush on the plane and it lasted until my 7.5 flight landed and I was dead tired, but you couldn’t have told by the look of my skin. Love Hangover is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. Well done Too Faced. I can’t wait to test drive the other shades in my set.

OPI nailpolish in I’m Really Not A Waitress

This polish has been a favorite of mine since I got it last Fall, and was definitely a favorite in the month of December. It’s a beautiful deep red, that’s not quite ox blood, not quite scarlet, not quite burgundy. It’s got a bit of a marble finish, so it has a combination of all those three colors, making it the ideal holiday-season nailpolish. For Christmas I even coated it with some gold sparkle for some extra pzazz.

Not Your Mother’s Double Take Dry Finish Texturizing Spray

I loaded up on hair-care products as well while I was in the States (if you’d like to also see a skincare and hair-care haul, let em know!), and that included a number of Not Your Mother’s Products, and this one has been my favorite from the bunch so far. The spray may linger in the air a little longer than desired (be sure to practice holding your breath) but it is super light and really creates hold and texture in my otherwise slippery, fine hair. This has been a must-have whether my hair is up or down.

Neutrogena Hyrdo Boost gel-cream

One of my reasons for my lack of blogging in December was that I caught a terrible cold the week before I was flying (which was terrible in and of itself). My cold evolved from a bearable sore throat to the worst stuffy, runny nose of all time. This meant my nose and the skin around it got scrubbed raw from tissues in addition to the sudden chill that developed in Norway just before I left, in addition to my flights draining all the moisture that was left from my face. Now the moisturizer I was using just didn’t seem to be cutting it, so I headed out on a quest for something thicker, but not too thick because my skin had been breaking out and I didn’t need any products to fuel the fire. What I found was this gel-cream formula by Neutrogena, and not only was it soothing on my irritated, raw skin, but it sunk almost instantaneously and hydrated my skin over night. Within three days the skin around my nose and forehead was healed, and hasn’t broken me out. An immediate favorite and my designated night moisturizer for the rest of the winter for sure.

Now get yourselves settled friends, because I have not one, not two but three favorite lip products this month, and one of them is a gloss. I know,  “Who are you and what have you done with Kaya???”

NYX Butter Gloss in Angel Food Cake

If you saw my recent US makeup haul, you’d have seen that I got a real deal at Urban Outfitters when I bought a set of three of the NYX Butter Glosses for only $10, and I instantly fell so deeply in love with the formula, and the shade Angel Food Cake in particular. This is the perfect MLBB gloss, and my mom loved it so much on me that she had me track them down for her (we ventured to multiple retailers before we found it). I wish NYX was sold more commonly in Norway because I would repurchase this gloss so many times. I am officially on the gloss bandwagon.

Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Mattes in Rich Ruby

I finally broke in this baby, and its formula has blown me away. When I had braces on my top row of teeth, they constantly forced my mouth to be pried open a bit all the time. Thus, my lips dried out super quick, making matte lip formula not the most ideal, even if they were holy-grail status for others. I couldn’t even feel this stuff on my lips and it lasted all the live long day! Rich Ruby is the perfect red, and was most definitely ideal for the festive season. I brought a number of red lip products along to the US, but this was in fact the only one I needed…

Urban Decay Matte Revolution lipstick in 1993

Ever since Claire Marshall said she had backups of this lipstick and Jay from JustJayBeauty raved about this color, I immediately added this lipstick to my Christmas wishlist, and managed to get the last one in stock at the Sephora I visited. I was worried about it suiting me when I first swatched it, but decided to take a chance, and the universe rewarded me. I’ve loved wearing it with rather minimal makeup and winged liner.

Other Favorites:

TV and film: I Hear Your Voice (k-drama), Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Music: One Direction‘s Perfect and Temporary Fix, Plain White T’s Friends Don’t Let Friends Dial Drunk, Imagine Dragons’ Dream, Every Single Day‘s Away With You, New World, and Waltz for You, and Roy Kim‘s Pinocchio.

Books/comics: Attack on Titan (manga by Hajime Isayama), The Joy Luck Club (by Amy Tan)

Food: Cheetos, Dobbel Skjokolade Flarn, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

What were you loving in December?

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