Quest for the Best Lip Balm

We’re halfway through winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and if my lips weren’t already starting to take a hit from the cold air, they sure will soon. I thought I’d evaluate my current lip balms in rotation for you guys, as I’m sure we’re all adventurers on the quest to find the best lip balm.

Nuxe Paris Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm Rêve de Miel

Rêve de Miel is probably one of the most talked-about luxury lip products among beauty bloggers and vloggers. I knew I loved their hand and nail cream, so why wouldn’t this lipbalm be incredible? It’s not, in my opinion, or at least not worth the hefty price tag. I was given it as a gift, so my wallet was spared. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t give results though. It’s simply not the super does-it-all lip balm. It’s super thick, great for repairing cracked and bleeding lips. However, I don’t find it to be that smooth during application. It takes a lot of Rêve de Miel  to coat my lips. I feel like there’s a lot of dried skin flecks/grainy-ness… not what I’d want from a lip balm if I’m honest… If I apply this at night my lips will feel moisturized when I wake up, but won’t look moisturized. What does set Rêve de Miel aside from any other lip balms I’ve tried is it’s matte finish. If you’re all about matte lips and the gorgeous (albeit weighty) packaging, be sure to look into investing into a pot of this.

Carmex Original Lip Balm Jar

Carmex has been a go-to of mine for years now, especially the jar. It instantly hydrates dry lips thoroughly. It’s long-lasting, can be applied in thinner layers and built up, or in thicker ones for optimal healing of cracked or torn skin. Warning: it does leave a bit of a tingling sensation on the lips, but if that’s a feeling you appreciate, Carmex is the one for you. I personally use this before exercising so my lips didn’t dry out when breathing with my mouth open. Considering it takes ages to go through one pot, it’d say it’s definitely of great value since it’s a drugstore lip balm. Carmex is super inexpensive! The brand also gives you the option to choose the form in which the product comes in: Pot, squeeze tube, and stick.

EOS Smooth Spheres

EOS is a super raved about brand. You’ll probably recognize them for the adorable egg-shaped, fun-colored and tasty-scented Smooth Spheres (I actually got complimented on the blueberry one once). I was really disappointed by these at first, despite owning so many of their lip balms over the years, but I have found that they are great for applying before lipstick. Their formula is smooth and not too thick, making for a great lip-product base.

Nivea Smoothness Hydrating Lip Care SPF 15

I’m not a fan of other Nivea products, but I do think their Smoothness formula is quite nice. It’s nice for a quick swipe, especially if  you’re out and have gloves/mittens on. It’s not super thick but a few swipes of this will moisturize your lips for a while. I wouldn’t recommend it for moisturizing over-night or for flights though. On the plus side, it has SPF 15 which is great year-round.

Lypsyl LypSensitvity with Aloe Vera

I neglected this potted-lip balm for ages after being given it one winter by my mom. It wasn’t scented and to 13-year-old Kaya, that just wasn’t worth it. I left it my bathroom cabinet for ages, and a few winters ago succumbed to using it when my Carmex was nowhere to be found and simply couldn’t understand how I was using this stuff before. Lypsyl‘s lip balms are made with pure Swedish beeswax and man has that beeswax performed some miracles. LypSensitvity is my go-to when I’m going to sleep as my lips look and feel moisturized once I wake up and continue to look that way. Bonus: it’s super inexpensive! The one that’s worked the best for me has been the potted version because of how it can be built up when needed.

What’s your favorite lip balm?

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10 thoughts on “Quest for the Best Lip Balm

  1. kaybe610

    I’m currently using good old vaseline… it’s the best solution for me! But I also like using the Labello lip butter (esp the raspberry one… it’s like smearing a raspberry jellybean over my lips… mmmmm!!) Love, Kathleen

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