Ultimate Mascara Combo

Two heads are better than one can apply to many situations, and recently, I’ve found that it can apply to mascara. Might I present my dream team mascara combination for the last few weeks for out-of-this-world lash definition, volume, curl, and length?

Top: L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Original- Bottom: Max Factor Masterpiece Max
Starting off I used the L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Original on my top lashes. I’ve owned two tubes of this mascara previously, but over the past few months I’ve been into more lengthening and separating mascaras.

Voluminous Original on Top lashes only

The formula of this mascara has also been a lot more wet and clumpy, which made my lashes feel a tad heavy. It might have been a repeat of the Lash Sensational Fiasco of Summer 2015. However, all hope was not lost; I broke out my Max Factor Masterpiece Max mascara. The wand of this mascara is quite the opposite of the Voluminous Original: It is quiet narrow plastic wand with long, spiky plastic bristles, something I usually can’t stand in a mascara. Voluminous Original has a rather fat bristled-wand that has quite a lot of product clumped in between its many bristles and on it’s tapered end.


I have found that for optimal results optimize the use of the excess product on the Voluminous Original‘s wand. Run the product through your lashes from root to tip. Make sure to do both eyes before starting with Masterpiece Max; You want the wet product to have some time to settle on the lashes. Then take Masterpiece Max and run it through the thick product left by Voluminous Original. Masterpiece Max will not only distribute more product onto your already now-thick lashes, but will separate and define them nicely, adding plenty of length, and lifting them, since after all the thickness provided by Voluminous Original, their curl isn’t nearly as strong as it could be. Finally, I applied Masterpiece Max to my bottom lashes, since I don’t want them being too thick or heavy, just defined and lengthened.

Masterpiece Max over Voluminous Original and on bottom lashes
Voilà! There you have it- incredible bombshell lashes that could easily be mistaken for falsies.


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