Germany Haul

One of the very good reasons I was very inactive back in February was that I visited Berlin, Germany with my Film Production class. The trip was amazing, but while I’m assembling a post on the trip as a whole, I thought I would share with you guys some of the makeup bits I picked up in Berlin! I also bought some clothing and accessories but just am not showing them here because taking the pictures would have been a bit tough, I feel.


Many of these products are ones that have been on my list of things to test out for a while, have been on my DO-WANT shopping list, or are by brands I’ve heard a lot about and simply aren’t available in Norway.

Urban Decay lipstick in Naked

You all know how much I love the Matte Revolution lipstick in  1993, and after testing Naked out in ULTA it has been my life’s ambition to purchase it. (okay, not really, but you get what I mean). The lovely German lady at the UD counter described it as a MLBB shade and it most definitely is- a lovely pink that makes one’s lips lovely.

Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days nailpolish in Snowed In

I’ve been on the hunt for a plain white polish for quite some time now, and after hearing Amelia Liana rave about this range for it’s impeccably long-lasting opaque formula, I knew I was going to be taking the dive with . I have yet to try it out but if I love it, I’m sure I’ll be adding more shades to my collection ASAP.

Essie Fifth Avenue (not pictured)

Bright red seems to be a key color in this spring’s palette, and I have been lusting after Fifth Avenue for months now. I can’t wait to sport it once the snow finally vanishes (for the ump-teenth time) from Sandefjord.

Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in Seductive Pink.

I have used my Creme Puff Blush in Nude Mauve more than probably any other blush in my collection and I love it. I’ve been hoping to add more of these to my collection and now I have this lovely, healthy pink on hand just in time for spring. You might even be seeing this in an upcoming monthly favorites….

Essence I ❤ Extreme Volume Mascara (waterproof)

One of my all-time favorite bloggers Sonya Esman once claimed this as her holy grail mascara, and since I would describe Sonya as a queen on making the most of minimal makeup, I just had to try this mascara when it came across my path. I may not get to trying it for a while because of all the other mascaras in my stash. Would you guys be interested in a seeing a current mascara collection? (there’s a lot more than I’d like to admit…)

Catrice Prime and Fine Anti-Redness primer

I believe Catrice is a German brand, and they’re products were remarkably inexpensive, even for the drugstore. I’ve been struggling with redness in my skin for the past couple of weeks and thought this might help to neutralize it under my foundation. I have tried it out once but can’t report back on much yet.

If you want full reviews on any of these products, let me know!

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