February Favorites

Another month, another favorites, and my is this year flying by! March already?! How?! I did quite a deal of traveling back in February, and this mean the items I brought were limited. However, some cheeky shopping also opened me up to new things! Here’s what I was enjoying in the month of February.

Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette

I unwrapped this beauty at Christmas and was super delighted to find that it had a lovely balance of warm and cool tones and mattes, shimmers, satins, and glitters. The brush it came with is also magnificent and I wish UD had it’s own separate line of brushes. My shades of choice this month have been High, Armor, Dagger, Smoulder, Combust, and Thirteen.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

This palette was a treat to myself back in the summer, and I have definitely put it to good use, even before this month. However, as we here in Norway were bouncing back and forth between Spring and Winter, I wanted something to put a little more life into my exhausted skin. Incandescent Light has been marvelous and setting brightening up my under eyes and Radiant Light has given the rest of myself and overall glow. I love that these don’t finish shiny or dewy, but are something different from a regular matte setting powder. I used to deem this a Princess Product but I think I might have to invest in the yellow Ambient Lighting Powder in the near future…

Max Factor Creme Puff blushes in Nude Mauve and Seductive Pink

You guys have seen me rave about Nude Mauve in plenty of posts before, and on my recent trip to Germany I added the shade Seductive Pink to my growing collection of Creme Puff blushes. Seductive Pink is definitely going to see me into the spring as well, since it gives off a lovely sheen, but isn’t so over-bearing that it steals my highlight’s thunder. It’s peachy-rose color has wonderful relief for my cheeks. I seriously couldn’t get enough of these blushes and can’t wait to add more to my collection. You can well expect a raving review once I do!

Benefit High Beam

Benefit is a brand I desperately want to explore more of, and on a whim I picked up this mini High Beam along with a mini Benetint and Posietint a few months ago. High Beam has been a stellar edition to my highlight collection as it certainly makes my high-points give off a glow unlike any other. It’s a very pearly highlight and is one that for sure suits all skin tones, but it has been especially forgiving on my ultra-fair skin. And a little goes such a long way. I know this will have to be a repurchase and I am now dying to try Benefit‘s other highlights, especially the other Beams.

Maybelline Pure Mineral CC Cream Wonder Bright

I found this in Hong Kong and was using it nearly every day last month. Even though it doesn’t seem to be native to Asian Maybelline producers, I can’t say I’ve seen this product in Europe or North America. This CC cream has been an exceptional color match for me. it is easy to blend and a little goes so far, not to mention that this CC cream has 37 SPF! even with all the snow, getting sunburned is possible. I really hope more CC creams to start to make an appearance around here, and I most definitely wouldn’t mind seeing more of this one.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow brush #12

When I say this brush has changed my brow game, that means it has in turn changed my life. “$18 for a brush and a spoolee?” I thought months ago, “Preposterous!”. Oooooh how I’m eating those words now. The structured, thin angled brush on one end give me plenty of control with powder product and helps to make precise, but also feathery lines with the help of the spoolee on the other side. I consider it a holy grail item.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black

I have been in love with the this perfume since summer 2015, but I have been spraying my bottle non-stop this month, especially since I was out on the town quite a bit in Berlin. Nirvana Black is a very deep unisex musk consisting of several of my favorite notes: Sandalwood and vanilla.

Urban Outfitters Rings

Sadly these rings aren’t the highest quality, but they certainly are dainty and cute. I’ve really been enjoying stacking these with all the different shapes and textures. They have been a wonderful and basic (but necessary) addition to my ring collection.



Attack on Titan (Hajime Isayama)

Movies and TV:

Indignation, Where to Invade Next, Chi-Raq, Den Allvarsamma Leken, Deadpool, Inside Out




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