Too Faced Melted Lipsticks First Impressions

Honestly, what’s not to love about Too Faced? They’re products are amazing and cruelty-free, the packaging is to-die-for, their prices are reasonable and they have a range that smells like chocolate! I have tested their bronzers and some eyeshadows before and my hunger for more has been growing. Back during Christmas I snagged an amazing deal for three minis of their Melted Liquified Long Wear Liquid Lipsticks and three minis of their Love Flush blushes in their respective colors. With so many lip products already in rotation, I have out off opening, swatching and testing these minis until now and am here to report with my first impressions.DSC03303

Let’s break down the basic information.

Each full-sized product retails at Sephora for $21 USD and contains 0.4 oz of product. The product comes in a squeezy tube that has a fuzy angled applicator with small holes for the product to come out of. The applicator is said to eliminate the need for a lipliner since it’s so precise. These liquid lipsticks are to have (according to

  • shine like lipgloss
  • staying power of lip stains
  • pigment of liquid lipsticks

These lip products are also 3-Free (not made with parabens, sulfates, or phthalates)

I tend to prefer regular lipsticks but recently I’ve gotten more into glosses and my favorite lipstick of all time is a liquid lipstick. However, I am pretty pleased with these.

Thus far I have found the formula to be lightweight a fairly comfortable. They do feel a tad drying, but I think with a great lip balm beneath to prime you lips they should be just fine. Even if they may feel dry, when you touch them they aren’t, they’re still quite soft and my lips to look dry either. I ended up liking the applicator a lot more than I thought I would since I’m not a huge fan of sponge-tip applicators. This tip really as precise and I did notice that it really helped to line my bottom lip. I also found that the formula did last fairly well when eating, but not if I drank something through a straw or a capped-bottle.

The product glided onto my lips very smoothly and was easy to distribute. However, as the hours passed I noticed that the product began to settle, but not into find lines or cracks in my lips, but rather around those, making lines appear if I stretched my mouth. I wasn’t able to retouch this issue by touching up the product… It also left a rather prominent ring around the inside of my lips, much like liquid lipsticks tend to.

T/B: Melted Nude, Melted Peony, Melted Fig
Melted Nude

Melted Nude is a neutral nude shade, and my personal favorite of the three. I found it super warm and complimentary to my skintone, and I think the color would suit just about anyone. It’s a perfect everyday nude for me, and as you may have been able to tell from my blog, I am the closest it comes to being albino without actually being albino… I found however, that out of the three, Melted Nude was the least pigmented. Upon testing it a second time, it seems to be doing just as well as the other colors in terms of pigmentation.

Melted Peony

Melted Peony was a much brighter pink than I was expecting it to be, especially since it’s described on as “dusty rose”. As seen in the picture it is a far more neutral pink, and is rather bright, lovely for spring and summer. However, for us fairer folk, it may suit us best in summer when we have more of a tan to compliment it (as I felt at this stage right now it washed me out quite a bit).

Melted Fig


Melted Fig was my second favorite of the bunch, and while it doesn’t show up as deep in the photo as it was in real life, this is in fact a “rosy orchid”. Melted Fig is the color I will most likely get the most use out of, as I think it would look particularly spectacular in the fall and winter.

All in all, would I purchase the full-sized version of one of these? Perhaps. I think the newest additions, the Melted Chocolate collection has some lovely shades and finishes. If I also find myself using one of the present shades in my collection more and more I may consider buying the full-sized product, but I think these minis should last me a while.


Have you tried the Melted liquid lipsticks?

Do you prefer bullet lipstick or liquid lipstick?

What’s your favorite product from Too Faced?

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