Kat Von D Tattoo Liner First Impressions

Perhaps one of my best Christmas gifts I received last year was a box of 6 different eyeliners from Sephora, a mix of some of the best formulas on the high-end market. I was super excited when I saw that it came with a deluxe sample-sized Tattoo Liner from Kat Von D in the famous shade, Trooper. Since my use of liquid liner has grown in the past six months, I thought that it would really be worth my while to see if this liner lived up to all the hype, especially since my experience with brush-tip liners has not been the best (I have thus far been a felt-tip girl). I thought that with all that, I would share my first impressions of this liner with you all.

First off: the packaging. Despite being a deluxe sample, the packing of this eyeliner is both swanky and convenient. I absolutely love the design of flowers on the side. They remind me of a floral tattoo, which I think suits a product with a name like “Tattoo Liner” perfectly. The tube is matte black aside from the white/matte-silver detailing, and has a click-cap, which I was so happy to discover since an issue I’ve had in the past with liquid liners in pen form is that the caps aren’t very secure, potentially drying out your liner faster or falling off accidentally a lot easier.


Anyone whom I’ve heard of that adores this liner has always said that Trooper is the blackest black liquid liner they’ve ever tried. Needless to say my expectations were set pretty high upon the first swatch. However, I was shocked to see that my swatch was rather piece-y.

DSC03325[1]This worried me, but upon applying it to my eye, I found the application to be very precise and smooth, almost more precise and smooth than that of my felt-tipped liners pens. One thing I noticed was that the brush was so slick that it started to get stuck a few times along the way, if you understand what I’m trying to say. That feeling was slightly uncomfortable, but other than that I found this liner applied very smoothly, and it really was black.DSC03321[1]DSC03322[1]

When I first hear about this liner’s brush tip I was worried about how it would do with precise wing-tips and control, but the Tattoo Liner surpassed my expectations. The bristles were compact and the tip super narrow to help you create the perfect flick (mine may not look as sharp here because I corrected it a bit with eye makeup remover). I’m also curious to see how the calligraphy-brush tip will continue to feel on my eyelid as it begins to dry out, since my felt tip liners tend to feel very dry and almost a bit scratchy as I drag them across my eyelids…DSC03324[2]

The final thing I was paying serious attention to was how the liner lasted. Would it get patchy? Would it flake and fall off? The last thing I need is flakes of black eyeliner falling down onto my under-eyes by the end of the day… To my delight this stuff stayed in place like a ink-tattoo. This is one of the most appropriately named products I’ve used thus far, and I’m excited to keep using it. I may potentially even buy the full version! Hats off to you, Kat Von D.

What’s your go-to eyeliner?

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