Spring Fragrance Selection

It’s no secret that I, like many others love smelling good. With the shift of the seasons come many changes, including my choice of fragrance. I though today I would share with you the current fragrances I’ve been bouncing back and forth between so far this spring!



The Fresh: Joyful by Escada

Escada is well-known for their limited-edition affordable seasonal scents, and while those are lovely, it also helps to have a fragrance that functions in just about every type of daytime setting: work, lunch date, school, interviews. To me, Joyful hits that on the nose with its light, fresh and citrus hint. I only have a sample of this fragrance, but it’s safe to say I would buy the full version. I love fresh scents as much as I love deep and musky ones, but since I’m not a lover of floral fragrances, finding one that suits me is real endeavor, I find. However, Joyful makes me feel shower-fresh and ready to duck out into the spring air.

The Warm:  Cherry in the Air by Escada

Another Escada scent, this time one of their seasonal, limited edition fragrances. Cherry in the Air is widely-loved in the beauty world and I envy each of my friends that own a full-sized bottle. Every time I spot a bottle, I just have to give it a whiff!  It gives off a warm aroma of cherries, sweet enough to eat (or drink- don’t do that though. Please.) I personally find this scent to be rather playful and I think it’s perfect for days you want to smell especially nice for someone special, even if that someone is yourself.

The Romantic: Love Story by Chloé

Love Story is one that I will admit, I was drawn in to by the packaging. It was inspired by the padlock-decked bridge in Paris that is no longer standing (well, the bridge is, but not the locks) and Paris is a place that I definitely dream of very fondly in the spring. But the fragrance itself is one I’ve grown to love as well. It’s a very warm, romantic scent, and a lot more floral that Cherry in the Air, which I am strangely okay with. It reminds me a bit of Daisy by Marc Jacobs, but more romantic, put also a bit heavier. I would also recommend giving the new eau de parfum a try, since it’s a bit lighter and fruitier than the original, if you’re really not a fan of floral notes.

The Mature: Dior Addict Eau Fraîche by Dior

Dior Addict EF is my aunt’s signature scent, and it’s definitely not as youthful to me as Miss Dior, but I still like it a lot. This scent is welcoming, if you understand what I mean. It’s fresh, with plenty of floral notes but with enough citrus and woody notes to balance it all out. I feel like this would really suit me if I had and important meeting to go to, since as we all know, scents can really make us feel like we have it together.

The Sweet: Dot by Marc Jacobs

This is by far the sweetest smelling of this fragrance selection, and is the sister of my beloved Honey. Dot is very similar to Honey in that it reminds me of refreshing rain, but is a lot sweeter smelling that Honey, which is a bit more sharp and citrus-y.  The lady-bug speckled butterfly wings on the bottle also put me in the mood for the return of flowers (even if it means creepy-crawlies come back with them), despite not being floral at all. Dot is definitely a very youthful and fun  feminine fragrance, that even made its way into my March favorites!


What’s your favorite fragrance for spring?

Dior Addict(ion)

Bloomin’ Pink

A Pinch of Peach

6 thoughts on “Spring Fragrance Selection

  1. chickssweet

    I love that you put them into little categories, its such a good idea! And you actually know how to describe scents -not like myself. I can’t wait to try the Chloé and Dior one! Great post😘😘


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