Kaya in Berlin: Photo Diary

Seeing as I never got around to telling you all about my trip to Berlin, Germany, I figured that if telling you before traveling to NYC for a week isn’t the right time, when is? For five days back in February, I had the pleasure of visiting Berlin, Germany for the 66th International Film Festival with my Film Production class and it was perhaps one of the most fun trips I’ve ever been on. The city was inspiring, the events we attended were inspiring, my fashion sense was rejuvenated and my stomach happy as a clam.

The first day we spent attending a seminar and film showing- the premier of a Chinese film. The seminar was about creating and writing stories for TV series, and I really loved that the audience was allowed to present questions that opened for further discussion. I got a really great insight on what the creative process there is like. After chowing down at McDonald’s (not my first choice but) and cheesy-crust pizza at Pizza Hut (totes my idea), we headed to a grand 6-story theater, The Berlin Palast, where we got to cross the red carpet, even if the paparazzi there weren’t interested in us (they were waiting for the cast to arrive). The theater was super swanky and luxurious, which is probably why I got a really steep balcony seat and had a tough time keeping up with the subtitles for the film.



Every morning myself and my other two female classmates (whom I adore- prepare your eyes for many selfies from us) went around the corner from our Air BnB apartment every morning to the ecological food store which had a lovely bakery that sold not only amazing baked cakes and tarts but also the BEST soft sour-dough pretzels EVER MADE. No extra salt on top, but just the perfect amount in the dough and for less than 1 EURO??? Oh Berlin, you won my heart right then! That and all of the really cool street art we saw. Some of the graffiti and murals were more visually appealing than others, but over all gave off a really special urban vibe, that reminded me that Berlin was still in motion, repairing itself.





Over the next few days we would attend some more great seminars, film premiers with some celebrity appearances and Q&As with actual directors (which I got to take part in!!!), shopping and plenty of great eats at far more forgiving prices than in Norway.

On one of the days, we had a bit more time to venture out and explore, and myself and two of my friends headed to Primark, Urban Outfitters, Monki, and Zara where we picked up some great finds and then too a break for a late lunch at an awesome Tex-Mex joint called Dolores‘, which catered to plenty of diets- vegan, vegetarian, and omnivore! It had such a unique, cozy vibe that sheltered us from the gray, suddenly rainy weather.



We really had some action-packed days and nights, between running to the theater and scouting out a place to eat, we were quite tuckered out but nonetheless stayed up late sharing our favorite parts of the days and our thoughts on the films we attended. Here are the ones I saw:

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Crosscurrent (Chinese): 2/5 (I fell asleep- no joke. But the cinematography was rather nice)

Indignation (American): 4/5 (Really surprised me with its quality- but not a happy film lol)

A Serious Game (Swedish): 3/5 (Some things were super cliche and predictable- others not so much. The ending satisfied me)

Chi-Raq (American): 5/5 (I thought this film would be something else entirely but it was powerful, funny, and well-directed)

Where to Invade Next (American): 5/5 (Super informative and got rounds of applause throughout the film)

The Commune (Danish): 3/5 (I thought the acting was really excellent but at times it got a little cray-cray)

Miles Ahead (American): 4/5 (Excellent music and cinematography)


The last day, early in the morning  before our flight back to Norway, my friend Sara and I ducked out to see the Brandenburg Bridge, a really beautiful and famous monument in Berlin that my dad recommended. I was so happy to also discover that Dunkin’ Doughnuts was a big thing in Berlin, and Sara and I, whom had never tried them before, picked up a fresh box to take back with us and share with the others. They’re so much more colorful than in the US! Take notes America!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

My friends and I may have gotten lost once or twice on the Subway, lost an even-ticket or two, ended up spending a bit more than planned, and nearly missed our flight, but it was a trip to remember and one that I will oh-so fondly.


Thank you, Berlin! I hope to be back to experience you again in the future. I’m onto The BIG APPLE next week!

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