Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof

I find myself reviewing mascaras the most out of any other makeup product, and I think that’s because mascara makes such a difference in one’s appearance- and helping others find one that suits them perfect (not to mention myself) is something I certainly don’t mind doing. A few weeks ago I wrote a post talking about the mascaras I was using at the time, but now many of those have either been used up or straight up expired. Now being the makeup junkie that I am, I still have quite the collection waiting to be used and one that I was particularly excited to open was Max Factor‘s False Lash Effect mascara which I have heard being raved about tons on YouTube by my favorite beauty vloggers. I had the waterproof version in a black-brown color, and for a redhead with very light lashes, brown looks a lot more natural- perfect for spring. However, at first I wasn’t very impressed with it, it didn’t seem to do anything special aside from have a different color and a strong scent. Currently, it is my go-to natural mascara.max factor false lash effect 2

First, let me give you the rundown of the structure of the mascara: False Lash Effect has a plastic wand that is rather fat and round and tappers slightly at the end. It has much shorter bristles on that end which make it slightly easier to get into lashes in your inner corners.

max factor false lash effect wand

This mascara’s aim is to create enhanced natural lashes by lengthening and separating. It excels and both of these, and even gives them a bit of curl, though the curl ends up dropping by the end of the day, even with the waterproof formula. This mascara even comes in black-brown, which is the shade I own, which looks even more natural on folks with naturally lighter lashes, as black can sometimes be too stark. A few days ago I was wearing nothing but this mascara (and filled in brows, of course) and she thought my lashes were completely bare. Impressive, no? It’s rather waterproof but the Heroine Make Volume and Curl Extreme Waterproof still trumps it.

1 coat vs. 2 coats

max factor false lash effect coat 1
1 coat on both lashes
max factor false lash effect 2
2 coats vs. 1 coat
max factor false lash effect coat 2
2 coats on both lashes

Now, let’s talk build-ability. With one coat, you get . Two coats however starts to become a bit more thickening, as the product gets distributed onto the lashes, but the bristles don’t move through the first coat as smoothly, so it’s not super even. Despite the size and shape of the barrel on the wand, False Lash Effect is really excellent at coating the lower-lashes very naturally. However, I feel this mascara begins to lose its natural-lashes intention with a second coat.

Initially I liked this mascara, but several times after I wasn’t nearly as impressed, especially in terms of lifting my lashes. Yes, it did look super natural and for lazy and no-makeup makeup days it suited me nicely, but it did have some flaws that made it tedious. One being the smell. This mascara has a really strong chemically mascara scent that reminds me of a Dr. Hauschka mascara I tried a few years ago. That smell was so bad I ended up tossing it! This formula is also rather wet, so it would transfer onto my lids quite easily or become easily smudged, but after leaving it for a bit to dry a bit more, it improved. However, due to the size and shape of the wand, there is a lot of product that ends up on my lash line. My final and most extreme issue is the fact that this mascara needs an oil-based product to remove it, which I am not the biggest fan of. I prefer not to have an oily residue remaining on my lids after removing it, and even with that it takes quite a bit of scrubbing which I would rather avoid. I have experienced waterproof mascaras far easier to remove, so I am not impressed on that front.


Lengthening: YES

Volumizing: NO

Thickening: NO

Curling: SORTA

Separating: YES



Transfer: YES

Waterproof: YES

Easy to remove: NO

Would repurchase: YES

I also have the original formula saved up in my stash and I would like to do a comparison post of the two to see if one is better than the other.

Do you like Max Factor mascaras?

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