10 More Things I’ve Learned About Beauty

One of my most popular posts to date is titled 10 Things I’ve Learned About Beauty, where I shared 10 bits of knowledge I’ve picked up in my lifetime that I apply to myself and try to make others aware of. Since you can truly never be over-dressed nor over-educated, here are 10 more things I’ve learned about beauty:

  1. Refined sugar is one of the best exfoliants there is; it’s effective, natural and super inexpensive!
  2. Wear SPF under your makeup. Yes, there can be a white-cast from camera flashes but what’s worse: skin cancer and scarring or looking a little paler than usual? And don’t let clouds and cold weather fool you! The sun doesn’t stop working the moment a cloud is in its way.
  3. Treating yourself to a face mask once or twice a week is not being high-maintenance, it’s being kind to your skin.
  4. Korean beauty products that claim to “whiten” skin are not aiming to make you more fair-toned, but rather it means to color-correct/unify your skin skin tone. Don’t let the confusing label scare you away from an amazing product!
  5. Not feeling your most presentable for an important event? Try a French manicure or a pearly-sheen nude polish all over your nails- it looks super elegant and put-together, even if you don’t feel you are.
  6. A toothbrush, some warm water and gentle circular motions make for a wondrous lip exfoliant.
  7. Natural sunlight is the best place to do your makeup in if you don’t plan on be photographed in a studio, that way you know what your makeup looks like to other people when out and about!
  8. It’s okay to try and pop a zit, but if after three tries your don’t succeed, leave it and wait until tomorrow. You might end up leaving a claw mark on your skin if you don’t take it easy…
  9. If you find yourself looking a little bloated in your face, in addition to drinking more water, you can massage from the hollows of your cheeks upward toward your temples after you’ve wet/moisturized your face (do NOT do it on plain, dry skin). It will help for the fluids in your body and skin to start circulating and de-bloat you.
  10. Instead of re-powdering your face, use blotting paper! You can visibly see how much oil your face is producing and where and it actually removes the excess oils instead of packing it down with powder and making your face look cake-y.

What’s some beauty advice you’d like to share? Let’s all make the world a little more beautiful ❤

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