Benefit Liquid Highlighters Review

If it’s one thing I’ve invested in lately, it’s highlighter. The obsession has overtaken the beauty market and community, and most brands have jumped on the bandwagon with producing excellent highlighters, and for summertime, liquid highlighters are the way to go. They tend to last longer on most skin types, making them ideal for the summer time when our makeup usually cascades off our faces in streams of sweat. One brand I feel has been completely overlooked for it’s liquid highlighters is Benefit, and with their 1st Prize Highlighters set available through Sephora (you’ll find it in the infamous Aisle of Doom) you get the chance to try all three- and a little goes SUCH a long way.

High Beam

The classic, the original, the first born, High Beam is a truly universal highlight. High Beam is a super light and bright, satin pink champagne highlight that suits the fairest of skin tones, illuminating and subtle, giving off a naturally healthy and dewy-where-desired look. I also feel it would suit the darker skin tones as well, shining super bright and making ones skin look dewy where applied.

Sun Beam

High Beam‘s younger, less mature younger sister (she’s not shining as brightly- on me at least), Sun Beam leaves the skin with a lovely golden-bronze highlight. It can be worn on fair skin, but it will not show up as bold and intense as it would on medium to dark skin tones, simply because it needs to be blended out more on fair skin to avoid looking like a random gold streak along your cheekbones.

Dandelion Shy Beam

Benefit‘s Dandelion blush won my heart and soul this spring, and when I saw that they were releasing a matte liquid highlighter I became deeply intrigued. A matte highlighter? A liquid nonetheless. Sure enough, upon swatching it for myself in Sephora I was blown away but the subtle, nude, pink glow it gave off on my pale hand. It would show up even more nicely on medium and darker skin tones. Perfect for that subtle glow!

Benefit liquid highlighter swatches 1
T -> B: High Beam, Sun Beam, Dandelion Shy Beam

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