Benefit Liquid Highlighters Review

If it’s one thing I’ve invested in lately, it’s highlighter. The obsession has overtaken the beauty market and community, and most brands have jumped on the bandwagon with producing excellent highlighters, and for summertime, liquid highlighters are the way to go. They tend to last longer on most skin types, making them ideal for the summer time when our makeup usually cascades off our faces in streams of sweat. One brand I feel has been completely overlooked for it’s liquid highlighters is Benefit, and with their 1st Prize Highlighters set available through Sephora (you’ll find it in the infamous Aisle of Doom) you get the chance to try all three- and a little goes SUCH a long way.

High Beam

The classic, the original, the first born, High Beam is a truly universal highlight. High Beam is a super light and bright, satin pink champagne highlight that suits the fairest of skin tones, illuminating and subtle, giving off a naturally healthy and dewy-where-desired look. I also feel it would suit the darker skin tones as well, shining super bright and making ones skin look dewy where applied.

Sun Beam

High Beam‘s younger, less mature younger sister (she’s not shining as brightly- on me at least), Sun Beam leaves the skin with a lovely golden-bronze highlight. It can be worn on fair skin, but it will not show up as bold and intense as it would on medium to dark skin tones, simply because it needs to be blended out more on fair skin to avoid looking like a random gold streak along your cheekbones.

Dandelion Shy Beam

Benefit‘s Dandelion blush won my heart and soul this spring, and when I saw that they were releasing a matte liquid highlighter I became deeply intrigued. A matte highlighter? A liquid nonetheless. Sure enough, upon swatching it for myself in Sephora I was blown away but the subtle, nude, pink glow it gave off on my pale hand. It would show up even more nicely on medium and darker skin tones. Perfect for that subtle glow!

Benefit liquid highlighter swatches 1
T -> B: High Beam, Sun Beam, Dandelion Shy Beam

Do you have a favorite Benefit highlighter?

Cream or powder?

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Summer Oasis Tutorial

Southern Norway can be an absolute dream in the summertime- if you’re lucky. Norway is notorious for unpredictable weather, but rain or shine, the Norwegian Way is to look past the bad weather and relish the summer while it lasts. In honor of some of the completely backward sun showers and unusual thunderstorms, here is a makeup look that can be worn on those gray, off, summer days.oasis flatlay

Since the skies are so unpredictable, it’s still very important to include SPF in my base. I started off with my Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47 Perfect + Protect. For primer, I applied a dollop of my Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer since it will help my makeup stay on extra long and gives my skin a subtle, glowing base. I color-corrected my under eye bags with my Bourjois CC Eye Cream and then went in with my OG favorite- Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream. Not only does it have SPF in it, but it contains salycilic acid which helps combat acne while you wear it (and considering all the little spots I covered with my Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer, I need it). This BB cream gives such a lovely, natural finish without looking too oily or cakey, and my Pupa Milano Cover Cream Concealer, with it’s yellow tone, brightened my eye area, making my eyes appear more awake. Now, my skin is already looking really healthy, but I can’t resist busting out my beloved Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. First and foremost, I set my under eye concealer with Incandescent Light, and then the rest of my face with Radiant Light. To give my cheeks a little more warmth without overloading on something bronzer, I dust on some of Dim Light. I’ve been really into my natural contour lately, and the NYX High Definition Blush in Mauve has been just the ticket. On a sculpting brush, I dust it into the hollows of my cheeks, temples, sides of my nose, and around my jaw line.

When my dad came to visit from the States a few weeks ago, I had placed an order for a few things off of Sephora. One being Tarte‘s Skin Squad Deluxe Set. This box of 6 products included a mini limited-edition 12-hr. Amazonian Clay blush in the shade Oasis. I love my other Amazonian Clay blush, and I thought Oasis was a very unique color to be included in a summer set; plus I didn’t have anything like it already in my collection. It has thus become a staple to me on these gloomy days. This color always makes my skin look fantastic, despite it appearing  quite stark on my skin. I would describe it as a peachy-mauve blush with a slight plum undertone. Take my word for it- it’s beautiful.

oasis swatch

 After dusting some of Oasis onto my cheeks, I went in for my brows. I’ve gone back to an old favorite, my Daiso Brow Pencil in Dark Brown. it’s waxy formula really helps to sculpt my brows and holds onto the powder I lay down on top. After setting my brows with gel, it was time for the eyes.

I brought out my Tarte Tartelette palette, which I hadn’t used in a little bit. I wanted a very simple eye look, and started off by blending Force of Nature, a natural peachy-brown shade all over my lid, and then defined my crease using Wanderer, a very warm light-brown. For a bit more of dreary-weather touch, I defined my outer corners and crease a bit more with the shade Natural Beauty, a cool-toned purple-y mauve (awfully similar to the NYX blush). To define my lashes, I applied the Benefit They’re Real! mascara– another recent favorite of mine. I like to reserve black, winged-liner for the days I want to embrace my inner grunge goddess, and today was just one of those days. I opted for the Tattoo Liner by Kat Von D in the shade Trooper.oasis look 2

I only needed a subtle wing before highlighting the high points of my face with Benefit‘s Dandelion Shy Beam matte liquid highlight. This product is a wonder and is perfect for days when you don’t want a highlight that could signal aliens in space. After applying some of Shy Beam to my cupid’s bow, it was time for the finishing touch of the look, which happened to be one of the new additions to my MAC lipstick collection: the ever-so-popular Velvet Teddy.

oasis look 1

I feel the overall look has been fairly popular to sport lately, but what made this look stand out to me was the use of Oasis. I highly recommend purchasing the Skin Squad Deluxe Recovery Set from Sephora while it’s still available! It’s out of stock online, but it may still be available at your local store.

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June Favorites

June was a very challenging month, but also a super rewarding one. One of the challenges I faced among visa applications and getting a summer job that leaves me exhausted was finding the time to sit down and create quality blog content. I have had so many post ideas but so little energy to create them and not simply bang them out. I have so many products to review and compare (many of which I have been promising you guys for what seems like ages now) so there is plenty of posts coming your way, dear readers. I thank you for bearing with me this month, and since July is just a hop, skip and a jump away, here are my June favorites:

MAC Shy Girl

For the majority of this month, we in southern Norway were blessed with beautiful, sunkissed days, and instead of opting for my usual bold and bright summer lip, I went with MAC‘s Creamsheen Lipstick in Shy Girl. It’s so different from any other lipstick I own, and while it makes a statement, it is still rather soft and gives a romantic touch.

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Pressed Powder Highlighter in Champagne Pop

With the great weather has come some heat, and me working in a kitchen as a second-hand cook has provoked me multiple times to go minimal makeup if any makeup at all. I’m very fortunate to have a rather clear complexion, but I love the extra healthy punch Champagne Pop provides. I’d dust it over the high points of my face and even in my inner corners and centers of my eyelids for a little brightening.

Benefit Sun Beam Liquid Highlighter

Another highlighting favorite, Sun Beam doesn’t contain any glitter, just a beautiful golden sheen that works surprisingly well with my skin tone. It is so super easy to blend and goes such a long way. I’ve currently been preferring it to High Beam since it’s more golden-toned, perfect for over bronzer and as my skin darkens.

Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47

Speaking of skin darkening, after suffering from a second-degree burn on my face in May, I need to be protecting my skin as best as I can (I try to opt for fake tan now), and this deluxe sample contains SPF 47, which is perfect for every day use, even here in Norway. I may to consider purchasing the full-size of this when I move…

M&S Beauty Royal Jelly Nectar Hand & Nail Cream

Working in a kitchen, my hands have been drying up super quickly from all the washing and drying (not to mention accidentally cutting my fingers…). This delicious hand moisturizer by has been just the ticket, it’s not greasy and smells like a summer garden doused in honey. M&S is not a brand I see on the shelves in Norway, but I know they are available in the UK. Props to my grandmother who gifted it to me.

Sinful Colors Clear Coat

Base coats and clear coat polishes just seem to have prices trough the roof, I tell ya. I cringe every time I spend $12+ on a top coat since I use it EVERY TIME I do my nails. Luckily, in NYC I came across this clear coat by Sinful Colors that was no more than $4. I have been using it as a base coat and top coat, and I have hardly made a dent in it since the formula is so thin, yet super effective. It makes my nail polish super shiny and locks it in. I’m sure they would last even longer but… kitchen job…

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

I have had this deluxe sample sitting in my collection for what feels like years, but after discovering that it helped with the longevity and smooth application of my Too Faced Born This Way foundation, it has become somewhat of a staple. It’s oil free which is perfect, as so is the foundation. I’m finding myself considering purchasing the full-sized version…

Benefit They’re Real! mascara

After trying and testing the Push-up Liner and discovering my love for Roller Lash, not to mention the thousands of raving reviews across Sephora and YouTube, I was skeptical as to how I would receive They’re Real!. Man, were my socks knocked off! It gave me unbelievable length and separation. I don’t usually go for spidery lashes much now a-days but this seems to be the exception.

Daiso Brow Pencil in Dark Brown

This little one cost me no more than $1 at the Japanese chain last summer, and its waxy, triangular nip is superb, especially with a spooly on the opposite end- an absolute bargain. I’ve been enjoying a stronger brown lately, and this provides an amazing base for my powder later on.

NARS Laguna Bronzer (not pictured)

I’ve been struggling over the whole bronzing and contouring concept lately, and since moving home, I’ve been for the most part living out of a makeup bag. In said makeup bag, the NARS bronzer in Laguna has been a true gem. it adds just the right amount of ashy-ness to contour my cheeks, and just enough warmth to bronze up my skin. It has been a true middle man and one that I do not take for granted. It already has a huge dent in it (I have a small travel-sized duo of it and Orgasm) and I just may have to invest in the full-size soon…

june 2016 favorites

That concludes my June 2016 favorites and kicks off a bunch of new posts coming your way in July! Please let me know if you have any post requests and I will try to make one for it. I am always open to new suggestions and ideas! Until next time, what’s your favorite product from the month of June?

May 2016 Favorites

April  2016 Favorites

Summer Favorites 2015

May 2016 Favorites

What with all the traveling and packing I did during the first half of the month, I was expecting my favorites clump this time around to be quite small. However, I also did quite a bit of shopping during my trip to New York City, as you may have seen on here already. This left for plenty of new products for me to take for a spin as well as fall in love with some old favorites! Let’s get into it, shall we?

Tarte In Bloom Palette

Tarte is such an intriguing brand, and after hearing they were releasing a more warm-toned, gorgeously-packaged palette for spring- In Bloom made it to the top of my shopping list while in New York, and after opening it in all it’s chocolate-scented glory (YES! I KNOW! *swoon*), I haven’t been able to put it down. It seems to accommodate almost any eye look and the big mirror is perfect for doing your makeup in. I cannot wait to tell you guys more about it soon!

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in Snow

I’ve been pining after this foundation since it hit shelves last summer and I am beyond glad that it’s finally mine. The coverage is light, but it feels so lovely on my skin and has a very flattering natural finish: not one-dimensional matte, nor disco-ball dewy. I’m also quite pleased with the shade I ended up with, as it has more of a neutral-yellow undertone, and most foundations I end up with are too warm or too pink-y toned. I especially love that this foundation is oil-free, since my skin has been a bit more on the oily side these past few months, and especially with the heat of summer rolling around, the last thing I need is an oil-based foundation melting off due to the heat and streaming down my face.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo

This is my second Soft Matte Lip Cream, and I fell head-over-heels in love with this shade. It’s super flattering on my pale face and the first day I sported it I got three compliments from random strangers! That’s always a good sign, right? Plus, this is one low-maintenance lip-product. I always worry about light-weight lip products rubbing off easily or developing an ugly white ring around the inside of my lips, but so far, that has been a concern. Hats off to you NYX, I can’t wait to purchase more!

MAC Viva Glam V

Viva Galm V was one of my two first-ever MAC products, and after losing it sometime last year, my makeup collection has truly felt un-whole without it. And as New York City is littered with MAC stores, I decided to repurchase it and have used it on so many occasions since. It’s a beautiful, natural lipstick; so easy and comfortable to wear and adds a slight bronzed-look- perfect for summer.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

I have for sure featured this masterpiece on my blog an astonishing number of times in the past, but this month it has been just what I needed; a true pick me up for my skin. Around the middle of the month I was suffering from the blistering aftermath of a horrid sunburn, and even when I could start wearing a full-face of makeup again, these powders helped to illuminate my complexion and showcase the best of it. This is the perfect face palette for that summer glow if you ask me (year-round I might add!) I have been using the lightest shade, Incandescent Light to set my under-eye concealer, and Radiant Light to set the rest of my base, and lightly dust Dim Light around my cheeks and their hollows as a way to warm up my complexion. I have a full post detailing how I’ve used it here.

Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso

My fellow makeup-junkie friend and I ducked into CVS where we found this beauty. Despite it being super pigmented and we’re both very fair-skinned, this shade is so immensely flattering on both of us! A light hand is the key- but Luminoso‘s baked-ness leaves your cheeks with a glow, and the beautifully orange-coral tone really warms up your complexion. I used it almost everyday after getting it, especially when we returned to Norway as the gorgeous summer weather had arrived early!

Marc Jacobs Honey 

Back in March, Dot by MJ made its way into my favorites, and while Honey has always been my favorite sister (and MJ perfume in general) it was especially loved last month as when I returned to Sandefjord, summer had made an unexpectedly early appearance, and in order to not smell like a sweat-drenched ogre, I used Honey to create the illusion of a fresh, summer-ready young lass.

Lush Cosmetics Cosmetic Lad

I was in need of a new night-time moisturizer, and while in Lush I inquired about one. I was recommended Cosmetic Lad for it’s soothing properties, and it is the most soothing moisturizer I can think of to date, honestly. Its scent reminds me of orange creamsicles, and it absorbs into my skin lighting-fast. When I wake up, my skin is baby-butt soft and smooth, and should I get burned on my face again, the aloe vera in the mix will surely be of help. It also wasn’t all that pricey, which is a plus as well. Thus far, Lush, I am highly impressed with you.

CVS Black Sugar and Charcoal Scrub

Since learning how harmful exfoliating beads are for the environment, I’ve been on the hunt for a new facial exfoliator other than just mixing refined sugar and olive oil. I’ve already been enjoying their Anti-Stress Clay mask for several months now, and I was so impressed with how gentle, yet effective this mask was after having first used it. my skin had been experiencing some flakiness after landing in New York, and after using this, my face was as smooth and soft as a  fat, hairless cat. Those are results I can definitely appreciate.

Body Shop Passion Fruit Body Butter

What with all my skin peeling and dress-wearing, I need my legs looking smooth and feeling it. This super rich body butter smells delightful (like an exotic fruit salad by the beach) and deeply moisturizes my skin. Moisturizing feels like a chore, but I am a bit more eager to do it with this bad boy.

Urban Outfitters Mobile Lens Kit

I love taking pictures with my phone, and after I lost my little attachable fisheye one in Berlin, I’ve been on the hunt for another. This little set from Urban Outfitters also contains a wide-angle lens and a macro lens which I just cannot seem to get enough of. It zooms reaaaalllllyyyyy far in on things and captures the tiniest details! It’s so cool!

may favorites

Other favorites~

Films: Captain America: Civil War, Zootopia, Brooklyn

Music: Haley Kyoko, The Killers, Marina and the Diamonds

What were you loving in May?

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Empties #4

One of the reasons for all of my hauling as of late, is that I have finished up a lot of the products I had been using. I have been saving the empty tubes and jars so I could share with you, dear readers, my final thoughts on these products. I have really grown to love empties posts for that very reason, and this time, I’m splitting mine into two categories: makeup and skincare, kicking things off with the makeup portion:

empties nr 4

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Precision Longwear Eyeliner

This was the first high-end eyeliner I had ever used, and I won’t lie I did really enjoy using it. The tip was sturdy yet flexible enough that it would work with me, and the liner was really, really black and opaque. It did sadly begin to flake off throughout the day, but formula-wise, that’s the only quarrel I have with it. In terms of packaging, I found the dented, matte grip around the cap very handy for keeping a steady hold on the pen. However, one thing that bugged me quite a bit was the fact that the cap never seemed to shut properly, since there’s no twisting or snapping, you just have to hope that it stays fastened, which can lead to the ink drying out a lot more quickly… Would I repurchase? Yes, sometime in the future, but I don’t feel I need to immediately replace it.

Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara

I really adored this mascara and I have to make sure I pick up another one sometime soon. I found this to be an amazing natural, enhanced lashes mascara. It was easy to remove but didn’t transfer too much onto the lid. I’m pretty certain it even made its way into a monthly favorites at one point, too. Repurchase? Hell yeah, having a backup of this baby would be a no-brainer.

Maybelline Brow Drama Brow Sculpting Mascara in Auburn

The transparent version of this was the first ever brow gel I tried and I liked quite a bit. However, this time around, I found that the bobble-shaped wand didn’t quite suit the concept of coating your brow hairs with a tinted gel… It just did not separate my hairs that well, nor did the color end up matching my other brow products (however that is my fault). Would I repurchase this? Not anytime soon. I think it’s decent for the drugstore, but then I would recommend you stick to the transparent one.

Covergirl Lash Blast Waterproof Mascara (Star Wars edition)

This mascara was delightful surprise when I took it for a spin in December, and I was blown away by how much, length, volume, and lift it gave my lashes! Despite the wand being a little wonky and uncomfortably unstable at times, I really do miss being able to break out this mascara for nights when I want va-va-voom lashes. One pretty negative comment though: it is absolute hell trying to get this mascara off! Even with waterproof-mascara remover! Repurchase? Yes, but I’d be interested in trying the regular formula first, just to see how they compare.

Maybelline Fit Me! Concealer in 15 Fair

This so far has continued to be my holy grail concealer, and I so far have not found another drugstore concealer that beats it. The texture is sooosososooooo creamy and blends like a dream. A little goes such a long way, and I have found that this is the perfect under-eye brightening concealer for me. Would I repurchase? Considering this has been my 4th or 5th tube, yes, I would say so.

Maybelline Fit Me! Dewy + Smooth Foundation in 115

This was often my go-to foundation since its finish looked so natural! It provides decent coverage without covering all of your little beautiful imperfections. However, after using it for a while, I felt it was starting to appear too oily throughout the day, and I ended up feeling like I had to blot my face every hour. Mind you my diet at the time was not the best, so that could very well have also contributed to the excess oil production, and I’m not a person who usually has very oily skin. I actually already repurchased another bottle and hope my skin will be getting along better with it somewhere down the line once my oil-balance gets itself in check.

I also did a more in-depth review of the Fit Me! range, where I included this foundation and the concealer!

empties nr 4 pt 2

Moving on to the skincare department is where things get really interesting. I finally managed to finish up products I’ve been using for months. Some I was happy to be done with and others I was more sad about. Let’s which ones were which, shall we?

EOS Shave Cream in Pomegranate Raspberry

I’ve used the EOS lip balms for years now, and since I’ve never truly used shaving cream to properly shave my legs, pits, you name it, I thought I would give this one a go. While it claims to moisturized you skin even after you’ve shaved the area, I can’t say that claim is 100% true, but I did not feel I had to flee immediately after turning off the water to moisturize my legs. I was quite devastated when I ran out, since this was so convenient because it also can be used for dry shaving, and it really does work; both wet and dry! I felt it really made my razor glide over my skin and made it a lot easier to see where the hairs still were. It also helped to fight the cause of ingrown hairs and razor burn (plus it smells amazing!!!). Repurchase? As soon as payday comes, baby!

Soap and Glory Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel

Of the two previous S&G skincare products I had tried, I was a fan. However, Clean On Me has not been my favorite, I must admit. I have heard amazing things about S&G‘s shower gels, but Clean On Me‘s scent was fresh, but too floral for my taste. Plus, I felt like I always had to get so many pumps in order to clean my whole body, and that was a bit irritating. However, I found the amount of product in the bottle to be worth the cost, which wasn’t very high to begin with, especially considering how this lasted me practically the whole school year.Repurchase? Nope, but perhaps another scent!

Garnier Micellar Water

The Garnier Micellar Water was the gateway micellar water for me, and I honestly don’t know why I’ve ever turned to anything else. I find it to be so gentle and effective at removing makeup, be it on my face, hands or anything I might have gotten it on (*wry smile*). There is so much product for such a low price, and it does not contain any perfumes so it is great for those of you with sensitive skin. I doesn’t remove waterproof mascara, and you might have to scrub a bit harder at your lips with things like liquid lipsticks, but overall it is an amazing product and I will continue to repurchase Garnier‘s.

Simple Cleansing Micellar Water

And here’s where the micellar waters fall a bit flat… I didn’t hate the Simple one, but I didn’t like it nearly as much as Garnier‘s. I felt it had a stronger smell and felt far more chock-full of chemicals for one that claims to be perfume and harsh-chemical-free. It was however, rather effective at taking off makeup, but because of the scent and overwhelming-feel of chemicals I didn’t dare let it near my eyes. Repurchase? Probably not.

Simple Kind To Eyes Eye Makeup Remover

While this eye makeup remover didn’t make my eyes super red and irritated in the surrounding skin areas, I was ultimately glad to be rid of it. While it removed most eye makeup fairly adequately, I felt it wasn’t the most effective at removing waterproof mascara and eyeliner, and at certain times, I hate to wait another whole day before I could remove it properly with this. Not happy with that. The main thing I’m happy to be rid of is the fact that I felt it stung my eyes a few minutes after I finished removing my eye makeup with it. My eyeballs would begin to feel irritated and I had to blink quite a bit to try and get the irritant out, and this only happened when I used this to remove my eye makeup. My jurisdiction? Nope, not buying this again.

Maybelline Dr. Rescue CC Nails Base Coat

This little bottle made it into last month’s favorites, because I was finally able to attribute most of the staying power, and smooth application of polish to this base coat. Now hearing “CC”, you think color correcting, and white I haven’t seen a ton of results in that sense, the formula claims to brighten and conceal. I definitely felt that one coat on my bare nails made them look a lot more healthy, and even if I didn’t have time to fully paint my nails with a colored polish, I feel something like this would still help out their appearance. Repurchase? Yes.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream for extra-dry skin

I felt this moisturizer was an absolute godsend when I first tried it out. It’s gel-cream consistency was cooling and soothing and instantly hydrated my desert-like face after days of being moisturizer-less and one long-ass flight. A little went such a long way and I truly loved it (it even snuck its way into my December favorites!), BUT, in my last few weeks with it, I felt it nourishing my skin less and less. Sure it was quick to absorb into my skin quickly before, but eventually it absorbed so much that it hardly felt hydrating and moisturizing at all. Repurchase? I’m sad so say “no”.

Bioré Deep Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser

This last product is another one that I am sad is used up but also slightly relieved. I picked this up in Hong Kong as means of extra help to scrub all the unwanted pollution after-effects out of my skin, especially since I’d be visiting Beijing- AKA Smog Central- later that same week. It served me well as a treat to my skin once or twice a week since. It thoroughly cleansed my skin leaving it feeling fresh and clean. However, at one point I thought that I should begin to use it twice a day, every day, as instructed, but I began to feel it was starting to break me out. maybe it did, maybe it didn’t, all I can say is that my skin has been a lot more calm since switching back to my Simple Foaming Facial Cleanser. Repurchase? Yes, I’d like to give this another go just to see if it was something else causing my skin to act up.

What’s your most recently finished product?

Empties #1

Empties #2

Empties #3

10 More Things I’ve Learned About Beauty

One of my most popular posts to date is titled 10 Things I’ve Learned About Beauty, where I shared 10 bits of knowledge I’ve picked up in my lifetime that I apply to myself and try to make others aware of. Since you can truly never be over-dressed nor over-educated, here are 10 more things I’ve learned about beauty:

  1. Refined sugar is one of the best exfoliants there is; it’s effective, natural and super inexpensive!
  2. Wear SPF under your makeup. Yes, there can be a white-cast from camera flashes but what’s worse: skin cancer and scarring or looking a little paler than usual? And don’t let clouds and cold weather fool you! The sun doesn’t stop working the moment a cloud is in its way.
  3. Treating yourself to a face mask once or twice a week is not being high-maintenance, it’s being kind to your skin.
  4. Korean beauty products that claim to “whiten” skin are not aiming to make you more fair-toned, but rather it means to color-correct/unify your skin skin tone. Don’t let the confusing label scare you away from an amazing product!
  5. Not feeling your most presentable for an important event? Try a French manicure or a pearly-sheen nude polish all over your nails- it looks super elegant and put-together, even if you don’t feel you are.
  6. A toothbrush, some warm water and gentle circular motions make for a wondrous lip exfoliant.
  7. Natural sunlight is the best place to do your makeup in if you don’t plan on be photographed in a studio, that way you know what your makeup looks like to other people when out and about!
  8. It’s okay to try and pop a zit, but if after three tries your don’t succeed, leave it and wait until tomorrow. You might end up leaving a claw mark on your skin if you don’t take it easy…
  9. If you find yourself looking a little bloated in your face, in addition to drinking more water, you can massage from the hollows of your cheeks upward toward your temples after you’ve wet/moisturized your face (do NOT do it on plain, dry skin). It will help for the fluids in your body and skin to start circulating and de-bloat you.
  10. Instead of re-powdering your face, use blotting paper! You can visibly see how much oil your face is producing and where and it actually removes the excess oils instead of packing it down with powder and making your face look cake-y.

What’s some beauty advice you’d like to share? Let’s all make the world a little more beautiful ❤

5 Drugstore Favorites

5 Complexion Refreshing Blushes

Empties #3


A lil’ MAC haul

While in the States a little while back, I visited MAC a few times. MAC is available in Norway, but it’s not always found in stores at places like KICKS, despite it being carried on their online shop. Certain shades and minis are also hard to come by and I would have to make a trip to Oslo just to find the closest MAC store. I had a few items on my list a wallet ready to be emptied. Let’s dive in to the things I brought home:

mac haul nyc

Paint Pot in Rubenesque

Estee Lalonde roped me in with this beauty ages ago and I’ve had a mental note of it stashed in my memory ever since. My mom owns Painterly and I find the formula is so creamy and smooth, but with summer rolling around, I wanted a Paint Pot a little more up that alley. It’s copper-gold tone is stunning on blue eyes and I’m sure it well make mine pop this summer.

Coasta Riche eyeliner

KathleenLights is guilty of convincing em to buy this one. I don’t wear eyeliner on a regular basis, but I do love a beautiful brown pencil to accentuate my eyes a bit more and to help soften a neutral smokey eye. This shade made it into one of Kathleen’s Monthly Favorites video and after hearing her rave about how beautifully it suits green and blue eyes, I knew I had to make Coasta Riche mine.

Shy Girl Creamsheen lipstick

I always pay attention to fashion bloggers talking about their makeup products because they tend to have (or rather use) less makeup, but the products they choose make them shine. Jenn Im of Clothes Encounters has rocked Shy Girl multiple times in her videos and always looks sensational in it, and despite the two of us having very different looks, I’ve had Shy Girl listed as the perfect peachy summer nude for over a year now. After ages of searching for it, at long last it is a member of my collection.

Viva Glam V Creamsheen lipstick

Viva Glam V was my first ever MAC lipstick and one that I loved to death last spring. It’s natural color and finish warmed up my skin and was perfect for everyday use. However, sometime between last summer and now I managed to lose and I’ve actually really missed it… Which is why I decided to purchase it again, and man am I glad I did.

Studio Eye Makeup Remover

I recently finished up my Simple one and was thinking of picking up a high-end one, but didn’t have the biggest budget to blow on one I wasn’t familiar with. When I spotted this travel-sized version at the register for $10, I went for and can’t wait to see the results.

mac haul nyc 2

What products do you recommend from MAC? Next on my list is one of the Mineralize Skin Finish Powders.

NYC Sephora High-end Makeup Haul

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5 Drugstore Lip Product Ranges I ADORE

It’s no secret I’m a makeup junkie, but perhaps lesser-known that I am a lip-product junkie. There’s nothing like the perfect lip color to tie your look together, and as a girl who loves to play with color and finishes, I own quite the collection. While I have a number of high-end lipsticks, I find the drugstore carry some amazing ranges, and they’re perfectly priced for those of you out there just beginning to experiment with them. Today I thought I would focus on the five drugstore lip product ranges that have got me hooked, from stick, to crayon, to gloss:

loreal color riche revlon balm nyx butter gloss maybelline color sensational rimmel kate moss

L’Oreal Color Riche Lipsticks

I find these lipsticks get the ultimate bad rap for their chemically scent- and while that’s not the best part of these lipsticks, they still come in an amazing range of shades, and are super pigmented and long-lasting. They even have several color ranges created by several celebrities, so the colors all work for various skin types, which is wonderful considering the drugstore is known for its limitations in shades suiting the fairest and deepest skin tones.

Maybelline Color Sensational Mattes

Sadly I only just got into this range in America and it has yet to arrive in Norway. Maybelline really impressed me with this beautiful true red lipstick, and it was my staple all through December. The comfortable matte formula was long-lasting, making it perfect for daytime wear in school, so I didn’t have to worry about constantly touching it up.  There are so many shades, with a bold color line and a nudes line that I am dying to check out, there’s something for everyone. For such a great quality lipstick, you almost can’t beat the low price tag. (And is it just me, or is the matte frosted-glass/plastic

NYX Butter Glosses

You’ve seen these several times now in favorites, and this surely won’t be the last time you hear about them. These buttery smooth, super shiny and pigmented enough glosses (that they aren’t a shiny liquid lipstick) are uber comfortable to wear- not overly stick and super moisturizing, and quite long lasting to boot! Next on my list are: Fortune Cookie, Madeline, Peach Cobbler, and Apple Strudel.

Revlon Lip Crayons

Despite their length, these are surprisingly convenient products to carry with one. I own just about 2 from every range these lip crayons come in, the Matte Balms, the Colorburst Laquer Balms, the Balm Stains, and I LOVE them. I love the crayon-shaped bullet and the twisty bottom that guarantees tons of product to last you ages. I also love that the packing really does correspond to the color of the product. Next on my list is the Matte Balm in Sultry.

loreal color riche revlon balm nyx butter gloss maybelline color sensational rimmel kate moss 2

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Sephora/Highend Makeup Haul

One of my key reasons for my inactivity on my blog and lack of posting recently is that my year at school ended about a week ago, and the week before that I was on a school trip to New York City. I haven’t visited America since Christmas, nor have I spent an immense amount of money on makeup since then. While I was in NYC, I visited several stores and today I am sharing the high-end products I picked up from Sephora and TJ Maxx.

sephora haul spring 2016 2

The Original Beauty Blender by Beauty Blender

From what I’ve gathered, this beauty tool is truly unparalleled. I can’t say I’ve tried any of the dupes out there, but I wanted to try the original first… only to come back to Norway and find out they now sell the Beauty Blender brand at H&M….

Tarte In Bloom eyeshadow palette

I love the Tartelette palette, and since this one is a bit more warm-toned and has a few shimmers in it as well, I am curious to see if it is my perfect palette. The packaging is also GORGEOUS.

Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer

As you guys may remember from my Too Faced Bronzer Wardrobe review that this one was my favorite, so I decided to purchase the full-sized since traveling with the the Bronzer Wardrobe is a bit of a hassle, but when at home, I want to try and get through that one first.

Benefit 1st Prize Highlighters

I love High Beam (it is now perhaps my favorite highlight of all time) and I was super curious about Shy Beam especially. A liquid matte highlight? How would that work out. But when I swatched Shy Beam and Sun Beam in Sephora I fell in love and cannot wait to tell you more about them! I thought this mini set of three was perfect for testing out these new highlights, plus I get a backup of High Beam!

Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara

The name makes me cringe so hard, but this mascara is a coveted favorite of so many of my favorite beauty bloggers/vloggers. Testing and reviewing mascaras has kinda been my thing on this blog, so I thought why not? Are certain premium mascaras actually better than the drugstore?

Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara

After falling in love with Roller Lash, I wanted to see what the other Benefit mascaras had to offer. Bad Gal Lash is definitely the least talked about, so I wanted to see for myself if there was anything worth mentioning.

Benefit They’re Real Mascara

I enjoyed the They’re Real Push Up Liner (I don’t think I have a review of the liner on my blog, but I do recommend it), and the mascara is a favorite of many, so “Why not?” said I.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

I was after this foundation when it was released last summer but I wanted to try and get color-matched and I cannot wait to test this foundation out! It will be my first-ever full coverage foundation.

Marc Jacobs Dot Roller Ball Perfume

I picked this up at TJ Maxx for $8 since I forgot to pack a perfume and Dot has been one of my favorite fragrances this spring as you may have seen in my Spring Perfume Picks post and my April Favorites.

Butter London polish in Jaffa

Butter London is one of those premium-esque nail polish brands whose simple, chic packaging a beautiful color range is so alluring. When I spotted this in TJ Maxx, I just knew I had to pick one up to try them out. Jaffa looks like the perfect color to take for a spin this summer!

sephora haul spring 2016

Most of these products are unavailable in Norway or are tough to ship, so I took advantage of buying them while I was there. I managed to save up quite a bit for the trip, so I’m going to be dividing my haul up, so expect a few more posts to come!

Germany Haul

US Highend and Drugstore Beauty Haul 

A Sephora Haul

Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof

I find myself reviewing mascaras the most out of any other makeup product, and I think that’s because mascara makes such a difference in one’s appearance- and helping others find one that suits them perfect (not to mention myself) is something I certainly don’t mind doing. A few weeks ago I wrote a post talking about the mascaras I was using at the time, but now many of those have either been used up or straight up expired. Now being the makeup junkie that I am, I still have quite the collection waiting to be used and one that I was particularly excited to open was Max Factor‘s False Lash Effect mascara which I have heard being raved about tons on YouTube by my favorite beauty vloggers. I had the waterproof version in a black-brown color, and for a redhead with very light lashes, brown looks a lot more natural- perfect for spring. However, at first I wasn’t very impressed with it, it didn’t seem to do anything special aside from have a different color and a strong scent. Currently, it is my go-to natural mascara.max factor false lash effect 2

First, let me give you the rundown of the structure of the mascara: False Lash Effect has a plastic wand that is rather fat and round and tappers slightly at the end. It has much shorter bristles on that end which make it slightly easier to get into lashes in your inner corners.

max factor false lash effect wand

This mascara’s aim is to create enhanced natural lashes by lengthening and separating. It excels and both of these, and even gives them a bit of curl, though the curl ends up dropping by the end of the day, even with the waterproof formula. This mascara even comes in black-brown, which is the shade I own, which looks even more natural on folks with naturally lighter lashes, as black can sometimes be too stark. A few days ago I was wearing nothing but this mascara (and filled in brows, of course) and she thought my lashes were completely bare. Impressive, no? It’s rather waterproof but the Heroine Make Volume and Curl Extreme Waterproof still trumps it.

1 coat vs. 2 coats

max factor false lash effect coat 1
1 coat on both lashes
max factor false lash effect 2
2 coats vs. 1 coat
max factor false lash effect coat 2
2 coats on both lashes

Now, let’s talk build-ability. With one coat, you get . Two coats however starts to become a bit more thickening, as the product gets distributed onto the lashes, but the bristles don’t move through the first coat as smoothly, so it’s not super even. Despite the size and shape of the barrel on the wand, False Lash Effect is really excellent at coating the lower-lashes very naturally. However, I feel this mascara begins to lose its natural-lashes intention with a second coat.

Initially I liked this mascara, but several times after I wasn’t nearly as impressed, especially in terms of lifting my lashes. Yes, it did look super natural and for lazy and no-makeup makeup days it suited me nicely, but it did have some flaws that made it tedious. One being the smell. This mascara has a really strong chemically mascara scent that reminds me of a Dr. Hauschka mascara I tried a few years ago. That smell was so bad I ended up tossing it! This formula is also rather wet, so it would transfer onto my lids quite easily or become easily smudged, but after leaving it for a bit to dry a bit more, it improved. However, due to the size and shape of the wand, there is a lot of product that ends up on my lash line. My final and most extreme issue is the fact that this mascara needs an oil-based product to remove it, which I am not the biggest fan of. I prefer not to have an oily residue remaining on my lids after removing it, and even with that it takes quite a bit of scrubbing which I would rather avoid. I have experienced waterproof mascaras far easier to remove, so I am not impressed on that front.


Lengthening: YES

Volumizing: NO

Thickening: NO

Curling: SORTA

Separating: YES



Transfer: YES

Waterproof: YES

Easy to remove: NO

Would repurchase: YES

I also have the original formula saved up in my stash and I would like to do a comparison post of the two to see if one is better than the other.

Do you like Max Factor mascaras?

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